ABN AMRO agrees £19M finance package with James Caan’s Hamilton Bradshaw

The receivables finance facility incorporates invoice discounting against unbilled debtors, as well as providing a Cash Flow Loan to facilitate equity release.

The flexibility offered by the finance ensures Human Capital Investment Group, which has anticipated revenue of £140m this year and earnings before interest and taxes of £6m, has the funding it needs to continue to grow.

Having built a relationship with ABN AMRO Commercial Finance over a number of years, Hamilton Bradshaw looked for further opportunities to use invoice finance and continue their acquisition programme, finding an opportunity to refinance in Human Capital Investment Group, its large ‘buy and build’ staffing platform.

James Caan, CEO of Hamilton Bradshaw, comments: “As a private equity firm we have long been aware in the benefits of including asset based lending within the funding mix. With ABN AMRO Commercial Finance’s help we have been able to replace significant portions of equity with funding that is revolving and sustainable.”

“It’s a creative approach to the traditional use of asset based lending for private equity,” says Tristan Ramus, Chairman of Human Capital Investment Group and Managing Director of Hamilton Bradshaw.

Patrick Wilkins, Sales Director at ABN AMRO Commercial Finance, comments: “This type of facility isn’t traditionally offered by asset based lenders but we are always keen on being flexible to support great businesses. This package will create financial headroom by freeing up extra resources.”