Akabusi helps business reach gold standard

Kris, who is a member of the inspirational coaching and mentoring organisation Footdown, spoke to the new group and challenged them to step up to the plate in these challenging times.
The event marked a red letter day for several up and coming marketplace leaders when they chose success and recovery by joining Footdown’s new world-class mentoring and coaching model. 
Kris has been inspired himself by other members of his Footdown group, in Bath, from whom he is learning what it means to be a Level 5 leader – a phrase coined by  ‘Good to Great’ author Jim Collins, whose work will be key to the personal development of this group.
The new group, affectionately named ‘Toeholders’ by leaders Jackie Hutchings and Jill McLachlan, is offering the high quality coaching and mentoring that Footdown demands. 
The difference is that this new service is tailored to the specific needs of those who have a long way to go on their leadership journey, unlike the majority of Footdown’s current members, who are CEOs, chairs, or managing partners.  
Jill said she was honoured to be working with this new wave of leaders.
“If I look at some of the circumstances that these guys are facing, they could be gibbering wrecks! Instead they have chosen to face the fear – together – and move on. Footdown’s strap-line is that ‘none of us is as smart as all of us’ and oh my word, this group demonstrated that in the very first meeting. 
“The depth of sharing was extraordinary and I know that the often crippling sense of loneliness that can haunt many up and coming leaders won’t be part of the future for them.”
Jackie said: “There is a real need amongst aspiring leaders to learn and share in a confidential and challenging environment. This will be the first of many groups springing up nationwide.”