Global entrepreneur aims to build smallest multinational in 12 Days

On the tour, which starts on October 1, Sebastien will be championing the cause of Oneforone Group. Oneforone gives people a socially conscious choice when making a purchase by donating a similar product on a one-for-one basis to an individual of need in an impoverished local or international community.
If he can succeed in securing the overseas clients that will allow him to claim multinational status, he intends to submit a film of his efforts to the Guinness Book of World Records.
“In today’s business world, you don’t have to be big to be big and I aim to prove it. This is a great example of an Aussie business punching above its weight on the global stage” Eckersley-Maslin said.
As part of this global challenge, Sebastien will be in London on 4th October. He plans to hold meetings at the IOD with prospective clients and host drinks for his Australian friends at the famous Aussie bar in Covent Garden, Walkabout.
Track him down whilst he’s here and he will give a card for a free Virtual Office Package to encourage other entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. After that, he heads off to the USA to complete his global tour.
Sebastien is no stranger to challenges. For the past decade he has been balancing the demands of a full time Naval career (including duty in Iraq), a Masters in Engineering and running small innovative businesses including building a successful company in seven days, with just $500 startup capital.
Sebastien’s bid is supported by Australian global serviced and virtual office provider Servcorp, whose combination of superior business, IT and communications infrastructure and world class corporate offices allow entrepreneurs to build their businesses anywhere – and everywhere – in the world.
Sebastien will be sharing his experiences as he attempts to complete this unusual challenge, live at: