Getting to know you: Gary Summers, MD Alumet

What do you currently do? 
I am presently the MD of Alumet Systems and Alumet Renewable Technologies Ltd. Steering the companies to success, diversification and innovating, I see diversification and innovation as necessities, not just options if we are to stay ahead of our competitors.
We have never stood still and are always looking for further synergies with our business to bolster our portfolio. This year is the year of the ‘3 Rs’ –  Rail, Refurb and Renewables;  all areas that we have focussed on and divisions we have set up over the years, hopefully we will now reap the benefits
What is your inspiration in Business?
I enjoy going to work and driving the business forward, always looking to our improve output and quality in every area of the company. It is a great feeling to have so many like minded people around me. Securing repeat business  gives me great pride as it means we have  completed another quality project.
Who do you admire? 
I have always looked up to entrepreneurs like Richard Branson.  I can relate to so many of the challenges  that he had  to encounter in his early years, I  believe that I dealt with them  in a very similar manor. Reading his autobiography was in some way like reading my own albeit in different fields of business. 
Looking back, are there things you would have done differently? 
Well I have never been adverse to risk but have always had the vision.  Although I have recently built up a good property portfolio , in hindsight  I should have increased it  years ago. 
What defines your way of doing business? 
When I see a vision there is nothing that is going to stop me, sheer determination and drive. I consider myself to be a good people person and would like to think I can  motivate and get the best out of  my team. 
What advice would you give to someone just starting out? 
Never give up. Work all the hours needed to deliver.  Put yourself in the customer s position – how would you want it doing ? Always provide a quality product/service.
Lead by example and do not ask someone to do something that you would not be prepared to do yourself. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today and prepare properly for any venture that you are about to undertake.