Getting to know you: Alison Wetton

What do you currently do?
I am the CEO and founder and owner of All About Weight, offering lifestyle nutrition as a new and exciting way for all to lose weight, faster, healthier and safely.
Who is your inspiration in business?
Big fan of James Cann and how he started, love his story and his passion to become successful.  I also am inspired by all female entrepreneurs who have raised a family and built a business at the same time!
Whom do you admire? 
All who never give in, passion and desire to achieve, no matter what, and I admire all that have had to overcome difficulties when the odds were stacked against them
Looking back what things would you do differently? 
What a great place to be, I would not change a thing, I am have always been there for my son, and my family, never missed a sports day, always taken and collected from school, always give work the focused it requires to succeed, I suppose being really critical, I never really think about myself, so maybe I could  look  after myself a little better.
What defines your way of doing business? 
Open and honesty, so all know where they stand, share issues and problems, never sweep under the carpet, any issues, sorted, then we move on,  treat all like you would like to be treated.
Advice in a life rhyme:
Learn by your mistakes, we all make them!
Throughout my life at certain times, there were things for me to learn, that fire burns and falling hurts, each one I learnt in turn