Getting to know you: Sachin Bagga

What do you currently do?
I am the brand and sourcing director at Sabichi, my family’s homewares company supplying retailers and consumers with products for the home. We design, develop, import, distribute and export Sabichi branded products for many retail and wholesale partners and, create private label products for multi-national retail partners. My goal is to build core and trend driven ranges for Sabichi working with designers & product developers. The real challenge is ensuring we are competitively sourcing our products from global manufacturing partners, producing the correct products and, importing them on time.

Being a supplier too, I work closely with their buying teams to design core and designed ranges in the tableware category. I often travel to the Far East, sourcing products and meeting our teams in our Indian and Chinese offices

With dedicated sales teams, our fastest growing teams are currently working with online retailers and export customers. Our aim is to create a global market and currently supply 25 countries – and counting.

I overlook the company’s new Ecommerce website and online retail partner accounts. In what has been a traditional business space, we want to take advantage of the changes around us and create new digital opportunities. Embracing technology and developing digital channels to move Sabichi into its next phase of growth is my personal initiative.

What is your inspiration in business?
Seeing Sabichi products on the shelves and being used by our customers, gives everyone in the business total satisfaction. Knowing our products are destined for our most personal space, it’s my goal to create well priced, practical and reliable products that fit our aesthetic ethos of being fresh, modern, vibrant and cheerful. It is important that Sabichi makes customers’ lives easier and happier and that inspires me daily.

Who do you admire?
My father. He came to the UK from India, as did many people at the time, with nothing – and from that time in the early 1980s built a great business and shared much with all of those around him. Like all those who have created something from the ground up I admire the sheer dedication and ruthlessly hard working attitude they all share.

Looking back would you have done things differently?
In our business there is always an element of surprise – will the ‘decal’ come out right on the dinner plate? Will the consumer prefer the barrel mug to the straight sided mug? Will they like the feel of our new wok handle when cooking? The most fortunate part of looking back is that we can, and do, shape the future of our ranges. One should look back to improve but not to regret.

What defines your way of doing business?
Conducting business within our brand values – Respectful & Honest. We give clarity in what we offer, we own up if there is something we can correct and do whatever it takes to remedy any issues.

On an everyday basis I believe in working collaboratively and effectively. I am always open to ideas of how we can improve our business and products.

What advice would you give someone just starting out?
Have a core goal in mind. Being able to keep that goal in sight at all times when other work streams and demands come your way is the Everest we need to climb!

Achieving your dreams and goals does not only happen during normal working hours. Late nights, early mornings and weekends spent brainstorming with friends or colleagues and creating opportunities get you that bit closer to jumping far beyond the finishing line.

Lastly, listen to everyone. From any bad idea can spring a great idea!