Getting to know you: Ben Fillmore

What do you currently do?

Ehouse are a property marketing company, specialising in helping estate agents market their property. We’re 15 years old so we’ve predominantly serviced the top end of estate agents sector. We were formally based in Dollis Hill before moving to the Wembley park area. One of the things I enjoy most about my job is the variety of each day, where no two days are the same. A business of about 100 people means at any given opportunity you never know quite whats around the corner, whether thats an IT emergency crops up or an issue with a particular client.

What was the inspiration behind your business? 

Ehouse was originally started as a virtual tour company, which was a new way of showing moving images online. Back then, even showing a still photograph online was quite revolutionary so the idea was to show something that moved. So we started off selling virtual tours, and  lot of our key clients quickly became estate agents and we realised actually that we could do a variety of other things, so we started doing photography, floor plans and other things like that. Now we’ve started to go back to our roots and are beginning to play around with virtual reality.

Looking back, is there anything you would have done differently?

We would probably have taken a few more risks than we have. I think at various points in our past we took maybe a slightly more conservative approach to new ideas. We’ve always had an appetite for innovation, but at some points we could have broadened our horizons and pushed into different markets outside of property.

What defines your way of doing business?

I think Ehouse is a service lead company, we put the clients at the top of the importance ladder and we make sure that with everything we do, the client is not just happy but they’re delighted with our service. I think that our ethos is that if customers are happy, then everything else stems from that. So we have a real focus on customer service which is one of our differentiators.

Who do you admire?

The Greek finance minister. I can’t say that I agree with his policies but I admire the way he gets on and does something without caring what anyone else thinks.

What advice would you give to someone starting up?

Is it Nike or Branson which said it best? But just do it. You’ve just got to get on and do it, theres always reasons not to, but if you want to achieve something in life then you’ve just got to get your head down and do it.