Getting to know you: Sarah Baldock

What do you currently do?

I run be-good; a successful 360⁰ production agency specialising in deconstructed live events. We bring people together to do more than just listen. We spark spontaneity and promote participation.

What is your inspiration in business?
To provide excellent service and real insights for our clients. Employees spend a huge amount of their time at work and not enough time truly communicating with their leadership. The opportunity to inspire them to share their learnings and insights and to make them feel involved in their business is a privilege and an enjoyable challenge.

Who do you admire?
I admire business leaders who despite being in positions of power and big picture responsibility still have their eye on the machinery of their business; the nuts and bolts and crucially the talent and development of the people who deliver it for them. Pioneers who have their sleeves rolled up and ready to get into the detail by working alongside humans as well as numbers.

Sir Martin Sorrell is inspiring for his energy and his passion for the people in his business. Julie White MD D-Drill a diamond drilling company. She inherited D-Drill in 2008 and is the only woman to run a business of its type. She has grown her business hugely by investing in the training and development of loyal full time staff which has a huge contribution to the community. I admire Camilla Batmengeligh for her fearless, tireless work in addressing the reasons behind issues of youth culture in inner cities. Businesses and communities rise and fall depending on how we understand and involve eachother in our shared fortunes.

Looking back would you have done things differently?
I would have been more confident about promoting what we do at be-good. We are in the business of supporting clients, bringing their stories to life and often we don’t shout about ourselves so easily!
What defines your way of doing business?

Lead by example: Listen, learn, collaborate and make stuff really work, really well

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?
Go for it. Don’t believe that you have to know it all already to get started. Hire the right people, people you respect and listen to all the angles. Don’t ever stop learning. Be yourself and believe in your approach and your passion for your business – it will see you through every scenario with your head on the right way