Getting to Know You: John Davis

What do you currently do?
I am Managing Director of BCSG, a fast-growth cloud services brokerage helping small businesses. In that role, I have particular responsibility for the growth strategy of the company and identifying new client opportunities. I’m ultimately answerable for the smooth running of the business on a day-to-day basis.

Who do you admire?
Somebody that I admire is Alison Brittain, who is a senior banker at Lloyds and runs the retail side of things. She was my boss for a period when I worked at Barclays and she is really someone I respect. She is incredibly adept at managing the politics that can develop at big organisations while still making sure that she delivers the very best for customers and staff.

Looking back are there things you would have done differently?
Hindsight is a wonderful thing! I‘m not really the type of person to have regrets and dwell on things. Obviously there will be always be situations that don’t go quite to plan but the worst thing you can do, in my opinion, is nothing at all. What I aim to do is make the best possible decision I can from the information available at the time.

What defines your way of doing business?
Working through teams and people to achieve the absolute best outcome for the organisation and our customers. We consistently seek to understand the goals and objectives of businesses we serve (from large bank and telco clients, to ISV partners to our small business customers); we aim to get to know them as best we can which allows us to tailor our services in order for customers to get the most out of our solutions.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?
Be rigorous with your market research. You have to know who your customers are and why they’re doing what they’re doing, which goes hand in hand with your USPs. It is vital not to be paralysed with fear but always dip your toe in the water as opposed to diving in head first. If things haven’t gone so well, don’t be afraid to analyse the reasons why and be prepared to tweak your initial service or proposal accordingly. Try, and then iterate.