Getting to know you: Diego Gomila

What do you currently do?

I am the CEO & Founder of AffiliRed. We are the first Performance Marketing Agency to focus on the Travel and Hospitality Sector. We connect all or our Travel Advertisers with multipleaffiliate networks all around the globe and manage the pograms for them, aswell as reaching preferential agreements with Travel Vertical Channels and developing new tools with the ultimate goal of sending qualified traffic and direct sales to our advertisers sites.

In return we get a commission on top of every validated sale. This business model allows our clients to increase their international online brand exposure and direct sales while our publishers and partners monetize their sites with quality products.

Our clients get access to a Control Panel where they can monitor the campaign and an Account Manager takes care of the different opportunities that may interesting for the brand as well as provide them with relevant information to work hand in hand to achieve the best results.

They also benefit of a extremely professional technical support to assist them both with technical issues or implementations.

On the other side we have our Operations Team which is in touch with the Affiliate Networks and publishers. They take care of getting the programmes live and making sure that all the operational side works perfectly so that the programme performs effectively as well as providing our Sales Department with commercial opportunities to offer our merchants.

We take care of the accounts in Europe, CIS, Americas and Africa. Then we have our Asia – Pacific Team, based in Chandigargh (India) where our client portfolio keeps growing month on month.

Together AffiliRed comprises of what I consider 28 excellent professionals and great people.

Right now I am focusing on developing new ideas to generate more revenue for our clients and I am travelling to attend and exhibit in some of the top travel shows around the world.

What is your inspiration in business?

I try to seek improvement day by day. AffiliRed was initially a department of another online advertising company. We worked hard from the very beginning as performance marketing was pretty unknown among hoteliers and other travel companies.

But we strongly believed in our product and a few years after AffiliRed became an independent company with over 100 clients. So, being a step ahead and moving away from conformity is important for me and I like to be surrounded by a team committed to the company and who transmit the same passion to this business as I do.

Who do you admire?

I admire another Spanish entrepreneur who’s business has nothing to do with mine. Amancio Ortega was the founder of the Inditex fashion group. I admire him because he has worked hard for his dream and now is theWorld’s #3 wealthiest person. In general I admire all entrepreneurs who peruse their dream.

Looking back would you have done things differently?

Definitely not. I think AffiliRed is the way it is right now because of our previous steps. If I start thinking I am sure I would have taken certain decisions differently but at the end of the day those decisions are part of my experience and each and every single step I have done before has made this company the way it is today.

Whatdefines your way of doing business?

Work, honesty and innovation.

We take a lot of time out of the office travelling to different trade shows, affiliates summits, or simply to visit our clients and taking different business trips. Most AffiliRed members need to play a strong and proactive role on a daily basis and therefore I expect my staff to be independent and to make their own decisions and be consistent with them.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out?
No matter how hard it is, never lose your passion! If you believe in your project and you work hard and with passion you will project it to others and you’ll be on the path to future success.