Disabled entrepreneur inspires & supports local businesses

31-year-old Shane is a man who has always provided inspiration to others and doesn’t believe in boundaries. He was born with the rare disease, Friedreichs Ataxia, which causes nervous system damage resulting in problems with movement.

After leaving school at 16, due to GCSE exams being unavailable, Shane found it difficult to find any engaging employment. With very few qualifications behind him combined with his severe and deteriorating health problems, Shane had no choice but to claim benefits.

After visiting the job-centre and being advised to remain on benefits for financial reasons. Shane made the decision to say ‘no’ to adversity, to be independent and start his own business rather than remain on benefits, despite his health problems.

Motivated by this, Shane set up his own business and founded Mobility Buy in 2003; a shopping service, which enabled elderly people with mobility issues to regain their independence. This was a success progressing from a market stall shop to franchising worldwide online.

Unfortunately after experiencing an attack at his shop, Shane decided to sell the company and move on with his business adventures.

Despite this and inspired by his previous successes, Shane felt he had more to offer individuals with disabilities. After attending business-networking events, he developed the business plan for Disabled Entrepreneurs, with the sole focus on getting disabled people into the business world. Disabled Entrepreneurs offers networking opportunities and the support, inspiration and motivation for disabled entrepreneurs to succeed.

The Disabled Entrepreneur founder recently returned from an educational trip to Chile, after being invited out to one of the countries top universities to give a talk on Disabled Entrepreneurs mythology.

Speaking about his business Shane Bratby said: “After being inspired by my own experiences, I am looking forward to giving something back to the local community by providing support and advice to disabled entrepreneurs like myself.

“For many people with disabilities and chronic health conditions, self-employment offers a hope of making a living and achieving self-sufficiency

“However self-employment can present some challenges and is not for everyone. Disabled Entrepreneurs hopes to assist and support the challenges that people may face, inspiring more people with a disability to become entrepreneurs through extensive support, assistance and business networking opportunities.

“I believe that if I can be successful, so can many other disabled entrepreneurs and I wish to provide that support and motivation for people.”