Why you should hire a professional window cleaning company

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If you are looking to get your windows cleaned at a business premises and you want a reliable and safe service, it is important you hire a professional window cleaner.

By having them cleaned by someone who is not experienced or does not have the right qualifications or Insurance is a risk that you should not take.

As the building owner or person responsible for overseeing window cleaning at your property, you are responsible for hiring your window cleaner and ensuring the service is carried out safely and with minimal risk to your staff and customers.

There are other things you should look out for;

The Wrong Use of Tools

Before you hire a window cleaning company, consider the kind of tools they use. For your safety, consider hiring a ladder free company. Ladders are not safe for cleaning windows, especially at height and as a result of changes to Health and Safety Legislation and in particular The Work at Height Directive 2005 water fed pole window cleaning is now the preferred method.

Before engaging the services of a window cleaner ask them how they will clean the windows and if they intend to use a set of ladders. If they say they will be using ladders, consider using another service provider.

The Wrong Weather Conditions

A professional window cleaner knows when they can carry out work. Not all weather conditions are suitable for window cleaning. Many people will contact a window cleaner when the sun shines through their windows and the dirt is visible. The cleaning product will  dry quickly, making it impossible to do a thorough rinse, leaving soapy streaks on the windows. Trusted Window Cleaners will avoid the midday sun for this reason.

Window Cleaners should not be cleaning windows at height when it is windy. There is an increased risk of them injuring themselves, your employees or passers-by.

If in doubt, just ask your window cleaner to stop cleaning the windows and return on a day when the weather is better. Rather safe than sorry, as the saying goes.

Not Taking Health and Safety Measures

Health and Safety should be at the forefront of any service you receive. Window Cleaning can be very dangerous and window cleaners must not just adhere to legislation but be aware of the risks associated with window cleaning. Accidents can lead to serious injury or death. If you are hiring Commercial Window Cleaners don’t be afraid to ask them for copies of their accreditations, their Public Liability Insurance and their Health and Safety Policy.

The window cleaners should not only have public liability insurance but if you choose a larger company then ask for a copy of their Employers Liability too. Don’t be afraid to ask your window cleaner for a copy of his Public Liability Insurance and check it is adequate for the methodology and height of the work being carried out.

If your window cleaner is working at height, for example from a mobile elevated platform, you should check your window cleaner has specific insurance for working at height.

Not Cleaning the Frames

Another common mistake is window cleaners just cleaning the glass and ignoring the frames. The frame forms part of the window and if the frame is not cleaned when it rains the excess grime will either drip down from the frame onto the glass or splash from the frame onto the glass.

You will also  often find cobwebs in the corners of frames so it is important your window cleaner uses a scrim to ensure you are left with no cobwebs.

The Use of Tap Water

Tap water contains impurities that makes the windows not look so clean after rinsing off. If your windows are being cleaned using Water Fed Poles, make sure the operatives are changing the water filters regularly.

It is important that they use clean filtered water for cleaning the windows or you will be left with streaks and spotting after the window dries.