Why Your Business Needs a VPN


A Virtual Private Network, or a VPN, is the latest in internet security technology. Businesses are installing them all around the world to keep their resources safe and to allow for remote working, be that working from home or travelling on the job.

A business VPN in particular is being used due to its extra features offered. Take a look at our guide to understand what might seem like an extra expense is actually a business necessity.

Business VPNs offer the same security as regular VPNs, with a few added features. Where a traditional VPN allows a user to be anonymous by masking their IP address, a business VPN allows the user to access the internet or any online resources through an impenetrable tunnel between the two. The tunnel is fitted with end-to-end encryption, even when using public Wi-Fi, which will prevent unwanted access to company resources or any visibility to the network.

Access control

But while a traditional VPN will simply keep your identity anonymous, a business VPN will allow your company to control access to your online resources. They will do this by adding or removing users as needed. Controlling who has access to the company resources is important to cybersecurity, assuring that the wrong people don’t have access to your data.

A business VPN is the doorman of your company’s resources, allowing access as you deem fit. You can set up temporary access, or block access if a device is stolen or lost.


Cybersecurity is the core value of what is a business VPN. A business VPN can make sure your teams have complete network visibility. It will also allow you to record and examine all activity on the network, so you can check what the cause of an anomaly is and act accordingly.

You can receive notifications if something doesn’t look right to the VPN, like anomalies with bandwidth consumption, and pull access to resources.

With more people taking their work home on mobiles, tablets, laptops and other devices, more chances are offered to allow access to your resources. A VPN will cover all devices with end-to-end encryption so there is no way for anyone to get in.

Remote access

A business VPN’s end-to-end encryption can allow your employees to travel anywhere, using any network they can find, without the worries that come with using a public Wi-Fi connection. With a connection to the company network, no one will be able to hack into your employee’s device and access the company resources. They can sit at home, on a train, in a coffee shop or the desert and you will be secure in the knowledge that your resources are safe and secure.

Plus, any device on the network can be used safely with a VPN. This includes printers, IT resources and data transfers. Your employee can click “print” in their home, and you will see that contract emerge next to you.

Low maintenance costs

A VPN is one of the cheaper options when it comes to cybersecurity. Once it is set up, there’s very little maintenance and therefore very little cost. Many users can operate with the one license, allowing the costs to reduce drastically.