Why UK workers are missing the daily commute


Over the past year, many employers have allowed their employees to work remotely in order for the business to continue as best it can. But working remotely has only highlighted to employees how much they actually miss the daily commute – something many of us would never have thought.

What is it exactly that workers are missing from travelling to and from work every day? Hunts Office put the question to 800 employees in a recent survey to find out and the statistics are quite interesting. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Passing the time with music and podcasts

A huge 68% of people said they enjoy listening to music when commuting, and with a lack of commute, this has caused some people to not listen to music as often. 45% said they miss listening to music, and although you can listen to it at home or when exercising, it’s not quite the same as putting it on in the morning to gear yourself up for the working day and after work when you need to unwind.

20% of people prefer listening to a podcast when commuting, with some commuters being able to squeeze an episode or two in. It’s not as easy finding the time for podcasts, but you could perhaps try listening to an episode when cooking or cleaning around the house.

Picking up a tasty breakfast and coffee-to-go

There’s nothing quite like treating yourself to a tasty breakfast and a morning coffee to brighten up the working day ahead and 19% of people agree. So it’s no surprise that the same number of respondents said they miss doing this on the daily commute.

You could attempt to recreate this little indulgence at home, or you can pop to your local coffee shop if they are open and take a breakfast and coffee home to start the day right.

Not having enough time to read

If you usually catch the tube, train or bus to work, it won’t come as a surprise that 17% of commuters like to lose themselves in a book on the way to work. With working from home all this time, you may have found your pile of books mounting up more than usual. Reading on the commute to and from work is one activity that 13% of people say they miss.

It’s important to try and find the time to read. You could try reading on your lunch break or setting some time aside throughout the day to ensure you get through those books.

For a lot of people, the daily commute is a way to tick off some of the activities we enjoy but wouldn’t have the time for otherwise. It’s a dedicated time to start the day at a slow and steady pace and end it by relaxing and unwinding after a long day at work. If you can, try to keep up with those commuting activities while working from home, and don’t forget to add your tips and thoughts using #MyFakeCommute.