Top Tips to Improve Workshop Efficiency  

As a workshop manager or self-employed craftsman, you may be looking for ways to improve the efficiency of your workshop to meet customer timescales and targets.

With the tools and machinery being the wheels of the workshop’s vehicle, the quality and maintenance of these is so important in ensuring your workshop runs smoothly. Calderbrook Woodworking Machinery, as suppliers of new and used woodworking machinery, offer some of their top tips for improving your workshop efficiency.

Top Quality Tools

With the right tools to hand you are halfway to an efficiently ran workshop. Any good and well-run workshop will have the appropriate tools to hand to complete any job. Tools and machinery will determine both your time efficiency and product quality. As they say, a good tool improves the way you work. Establishing a workshop complete with the best tools for the job(s) required is important in seeing both your productivity increase but also your quality. Afterall working with old, rusty tools and run-down machines will affect both the outcome and the motivation to work.

Workshop Maintenance

Broken workshop tools and machinery costs could make your eyes water. The best way to keep yourself from spending thousands, losing machinery, and slowing down your processes, is to ensure all machinery and tools within the workshop are well maintained. Whether this be a daily clean, or frequent service, taking extra precaution will expand the life span of your machinery and provide you with years of service.

On top of this, a clean, well-kept workshop space is vital in speeding up processes and avoiding accidents or injuries. When you’re doing any job, it will be much easier to locate certain tools and small pieces of equipment, when the workshop is free from clutter and looking spick and span.

Well Managed Staff

When managing a workshop, your staff are vital in keeping the day-to-day tasks on track.

Ask yourself:

  • Is everyone aware of the safety procedures?
  • Are they all trained on every running machine?
  • Will someone be capable of taking over if a sickness or grief removes a member of your team from the workshop for a few days?
  • How can you avoid accidents and injuries within the workshop?

The workshop and your staff will operate just like your machines, keeping it well oiled (well managed) increases the efficiency of the workshop, benefitting both staff, customers, and the company as a whole.