Why FX trading platforms are a great way to fund your business

If you are setting up your own business, then funding is a key concern to address. As a new start-up, you will probably need some kind of capital investment to help you get going.

This could be for anything from buying stock to purchasing equipment and securing premises from which to operate. For some SMEs though, this can present a problem.

You will no doubt be aware that getting a business loan from high-street banks is not that easy anymore. As an alternative, you could look for business investors, but this is time-consuming and usually means giving away a stake in your start-up. Many may opt for crowd-funding, but this again is very time-consuming and can get complicated with many small investors involved. The savvy business owner needs to think outside the box when it comes to funding their new venture.

Consider forex as a way to generate capital

One innovative way to fund your SME is via a forex (or FX as it is also known) trading platform. FX trading platforms allow you to invest in the FX market online via your PC or laptop. This market is one of the biggest financial ones around, with literally trillions turned over daily in trades on it. Open 24 hours a day, it only pauses for breath at weekends before starting again. When investing in this market, traders deal in currency pairs such as GBP/USD or EUR/USD. When entering into a trade, you buy or sell the currency pair – this is in effect predicting whether the value will go up (i.e. you opt to buy the pair) or down (i.e. you sell the pair).

Why should you consider this way of funding your SME?


The FX market offers a great opportunity to generate some cash for your start-up, and FX platforms give you the access to this market to trade.

Here are a few awesome reasons why this is worth considering:

  • Ability to demo first –pretty much all FX platforms will offer the option to create a “Demo Account” first before you begin trading properly. This is essential to take advantage of as it allows you to practice investing in the FX market and get to know your platform without using real money. Make all your mistakes here where it won’t cost you and then move on to a live account when you are confident in what you are doing.
  • Open to all and free –one of the great things about FX platforms for funding is that they are accessible to all, regardless of capital or credit ratings. Whether you are a large or small business, FX platforms are open to you with no stringent requirements needed or interviews first. Even better, they do not cost anything to sign up to and do not require you to give any stake in your company away to access the funding it offers.
  • Simple to use –many of the modern FX platforms now are very easy to use with intuitive controls and great visual appeal. They take all the hassle out of generating funds via the FX market, especially if you are not technically or financially minded. Some even give the option of copying other successful traders, so you don’t even have to study the markets yourself to succeed.
  • Limitless opportunity– as we have already noted, the FX market generates literally trillions each day in trades. This happens non-stop apart from weekends and certain global holidays. What this means for your SME is that the funding that you can generate from it is endless and not capped. Once you have a successful strategy in place, you can use it to generate as much cash for your business as you need and be in total control.

FX education is vital

Of course, it must be noted that you need to know what you are doing before you dive into this market! As well as understanding how the FX market works and the various strategies that you could use, you need to choose your FX platform provider wisely. Forexfraud.com is a great resource that tells you about the best FX platforms to use and any scams to avoid.

Fund your SME with FX

Hopefully, the above should have shown you how using an FX platform to fund your SME can be a great alternative. With a little research and practice on a Demo Account first, you will be all set to join the other business owners globally who use this huge financial market daily to their advantage.