Why Forex Academy suggests focusing on Candlestick Analysis in forex trading


Anyone new to Forex trading will find the red and green candlesticks interesting. But they are not for decorative purposes.

Candlesticks help in price action trading, which is one of the most popular methods followed by day traders. According to Forex Academy, when you become an expert in candlestick analysis, you will automatically become a more successful trader. This website provides updated information on Forex, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, and metals. But what is the importance of candlestick analysis anyway? How does it contribute to your day to day trading experience? Let’s find out.

Quick access to current data

According to the Forex industry experts from Forex Academy, the primary function of candlestick analysis is to help you provide as much data you want for different time periods. Again, why is recent data so crucial for traders? Well, it indicates the current struggle between bears and bulls. It gives you a clear indication of what you can expect from the market in the future.

You will find many indicators providing similar information, but they provide data with forecasts about the market’s immediate future dealings. That is why price action traders use candlestick analysis to understand the immediate story of the market and make better judgments.

Predicting the movement of the future market

Indicators can only forecast, but candlesticks pinpoint the future market movement from the data it collects. Of course, there is some level of prediction too, but if you compare the chances of which one matches the most, it has to be candlesticks. That is why experts call it educated prediction and not some random forecast. Forex Academy is a great place to start learning about the different functions of candlesticks. A look at a candlestick analysis will help you pick any candle from the chart and get an idea about the story of its price.

This type of prediction is crucial because it helps to differentiate between a good and bad entry. You will be more aware of the trade you missed so that you don’t make the same mistake. Independent trading has only one rule: you should be confident of your candlestick analysis. It will give a better picture of the future movement of the market.

Accurate targets, stop losses, and entries

Thousands of newbie traders struggle with targets, stop losses, and entries. If you can’t understand where to put them, you should start going through the basics of candlestick analysis again. You should always have specific parameters while trading. If you don’t, you may end up overtrading and breaking your bank account. Learn what indecision candles signify, why price action is essential for candlestick analysis, how to understand price action from multiple time frames, and so on.


Flexibility is probably the biggest quality any trader should have when it comes to Forex trading. It helps you to adapt to different market conditions quickly. Candlestick analysis gives you time to rethink your trading strategy. It gives you the freedom to trade at any time so that you have more chances of making money.

With so many reasons backing candlestick analysis, you should also start implementing it in your trading routine to boost your ROI.

Photo by Mark Finn on Unsplash