Why electrical maintenance is a smart business move

Electrical maintenance

When there’s belt-tightening to be done, not too many businesses would see professional electrical maintenance as the potential solution.

If, however, you just take a moment to consider the costs to your business associated with electrical supply, or the loss of it, it’s easy to see why maintenance is not only good for health and safety, but also for your bottom line.

As electrical contractors in Birmingham, we provide electrical maintenance for businesses of all shapes and sizes. In every case we’ve been able to demonstrate that regular, detailed maintenance saves the business money, prevents business disruption, and protects the workforce from potentially serious accidents.

Here are 5 costly business risks that electrical maintenance minimises:

Wasteful Energy Practices

Switching to LED lighting has the potential to save your business 90% of its current lighting costs. Just pop your details into Inui’s handy calculator  and you can see an accurate reading of the exact saving. And that’s just for starters. Old computers, monitors or printers are all a drain on your electricity usage. Your electrical maintenance provider should be able to offer you an electrical audit to ascertain where energy is being wasted.

Prevention is Cheaper Than a Cure

Emergency electrical repairs are costly and can disrupt your business for days or even weeks. Many businesses operate on the basis that what ‘ain’t broke don’t need fixing’ but electrical faults develop over time, and get more expensive – and dangerous – with each day that they’re ignored. Regular electrical maintenance insulates your bank balance against unpleasant shocks, and minimises the risk of business disruption.

Banish Electrical Workarounds

Workplaces develop their own electrical ‘ecosystems’ and many of them are downright dangerous.   Appliances such as kettles, sandwich makers or microwaves are brought in from home, or purchased second-hand online. Extension leads create electrical daisy-chains that cause trip hazards, and adaptors overload electrical sockets. Maintenance eradicates the dangers, and provides solutions that prevent needless accidents.

Create a Back Up Electrical Supply

The UK is becoming a more unpredictable climate in which to do business. The increase in storms, flooding and weather extremes that we’ve seen over the past few year are a new risk for businesses. In order to safeguard against unexpected power outages, businesses can opt to install UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) which provides emergency power for a period following the outage in order to allow for data to be preserved.


Fixed Wire Testing

is mandatory by law under The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and IET Wiring Regulations BS 7671:2008. Testing and inspecting of electrical systems and installation in commercial buildings should be carried out every 5 years (less if you work in a high risk environment). Your maintenance engineer can carry out the test, and provide the EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) upon completion.