Why did the Russian Esports team get banned?

Things have totally changed after the Ukraine-Russia conflict. We have heard, the Russian Esports team has been banned from various sports events, including FIFA, Apex legends and Rainbow Six Siege pro leagues.

Yes, it is true, but why did the authority take this decision? If you’re also interested to know more about this news, then consider reading our article. In the below section, we have provided an in-depth explanation and analysis behind this ban.

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Russian Esports teams have been banned from FIFA, Apex legends and Rainbow Six Siege pro leagues- But why?

As we all can see the Russian-Ukraine conflict has shocked the world. The sudden attack that Russia did on Ukraine was not a shock for the world but also a shameful act. As the conflict is unfolding with time we can see the number of deaths of all the innocent people. Not just people of Ukraine are facing the pernicious outcome of the war, also the people of Russia are facing the wrath of the world. If you follow the news, you may have heard that most of the counties have imposed sanctions on Russia. Due to that, the Russian economy has crashed down to its core.

In humanity what Putin has shown has made the world to corner Russia. Even after several peace meeting with Mr. Zelenskyy Russia continues their invasion. This Resulted in Russia getting banned from various esports programs, such as EA Sports FIFA 22, Apex Legends Global Series and others. EA tweeted, “We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine” before putting a ban on Russian Esports teams.

EA’s decision to ban Russia and Belarus comes just two weeks after ESL suspended the Russian team from Virtus.pro. Not just EA there are other sport organizers that have either suspended or banned Russian teams.

However, ESL later said that it would allow Russian teams and their players to take part in its competition only by using neutral names, that will have no team logos or nationals color whatsoever.

Even Ubisoft has also offered the same, they have also tweeted- “In light of the ongoing tragedy in Ukraine, all official competitions on our games portfolio in Russia, such as the Russian Major League on Rainbow Six Siege are suspended,”

Therefore, we can say that the Russian team can play these sports events, only if they choose to follow the regulations that they have put on them.


In conclusion we will say, the outcome of any war can bring darkness for both the countries in it. What Russia is doing at present is not a tragedy but also a dark chapter of the 21st century. The ban that has been put on their team can cost them a lot. And with the crash down in Russia’s economy is already showing this invasion has cost them a lot.