Why Colocation Servers Are Becoming a Popular Choice for Many Small Businesses

Servers are an important part of any business, being the heart of where all your data is secured. With the rise in technology, there are hundreds of different options to choose from when it comes to your business infrastructure and data.

Keeping data safe and secure is paramount, but can come at a cost. So, why are colocation servers becoming more common amongst small businesses?

What are colocation servers?

Colocation is the process of purchasing or renting a space at a third party’s data center to house your servers and other hardware. Servers are kept safe, secure, and accessible at all times. These data centers are specialist facilities that ensure network connectivity, power, and optimal temperatures at all times. There are many benefits of colocation servers, which is why it is becoming a popular choice for small businesses.

Difference between colocation, cloud, and in-house servers

There are different types of services you can choose from, including colocation, cloud, and in-house servers. The main difference between these servers is the way the data is managed and stored. This can result in a difference in cost, efficiency, flexibility, and scalability and all depends on your business needs.

Cloud servers are hosted by third parties, who facilitate a virtual space for data management. It functions the same as a physical server, just without the need for space and cost to house it. Being online means cloud servers can be located in multiple data centers. In-house servers are physical servers typically stored alone in a dedicated space inside your company’s building.

6 Big Reasons Why Colocation is Ever Becoming More Popular for Small Businesses

Small businesses are choosing colocation servers for their efficiency, flexibility, and ability to scale without breaking the bank. Below are some of the most common reasons colocation servers are becoming the popular choice.

#1 Cost-effective

When choosing colocation servers, you are sharing the cost of space and equipment rather than breaking the bank to maintain your own infrastructure facilities. It also allows for a more practical and cost-effective way to access specialist equipment, better infrastructure, optimal conditions, in-house maintenance, and bandwidth, especially as your business grows.

#2 Secure

As a business in the 21st century, it is more than likely that your business depends on data and online transactions to be successful. Therefore, it is integral that your IT infrastructure is secure. Due to the size and volume of servers on a facility and the number of businesses that rely on them, substantial security measures are taken. On a typical facility, you would see comprehensive cybersecurity as well as security physically at the location.

#3 Flexible

Colocation providers will strive to be competitive, offering their customers a range of network options and flexibility. Facilities need to be adaptable to meet the ever-changing needs of businesses and infrastructure, so will typically offer a range of services. This allows for flexible adaptations such as space that can be added or reduced as needed, system replacements, private connections, and a range of bandwidth services.

#4 Redundant

In the unfortunate event of a failure, the downtime can cost your business thousands of pounds every minute, so a resilient and purpose-built infrastructure along with in-house specialists is vital for the survival of businesses that rely on online transactions. Even just a few minutes of downtime can make or break your small business. Colocation facilities house high-quality, reliable, and diverse core networks with onsite backup generators, meaning optimal uptime and a dependable backup are guaranteed should any system issues arise.

#5 Ability to scale efficiently

When you are scaling your business, all business systems and networks must grow with it, which can come at a cost. Colocation facilities have the expertise and equipment in-house to easily and flexibly scale your infrastructure and adapt and grow with you. This can be cost-efficient as well as quick. This takes the onus off you and reduces the strain on your resources, so you can do what you do best and run your business with ease and confidence knowing you have a reliable and secure infrastructure in place.

#6 Efficient

Colocation facilities are built specially to provide flexible and scalable servers to businesses. This means they are fully equipped for all infrastructure needs, including reliable networks and cooling systems. This allows you to operate and consume cleaner energy, ensures a longer lifespan of equipment, more efficient use of IT infrastructure, and many other financial and environmental benefits.

Servers are the core of any business, and as a small business, there are many ways you can house and protect your servers. The most important components to bear in mind are cost, security, and scalability.