Why AccuRanker Is The Best Tool for SEO Agencies

AccuRanker is a cloud-based program that analyzes search engine results pages for keywords and webpages (SERPs).

AccuRanker enables you to quickly determine if you’re performing highly for your targeted keywords, saving you hundreds of hours in keyword monitoring. AccuRanker’s data may also assist you in strategizing how to move your keywords up the SERPs.

AccuRanker is the seo tool rank checker of choice for over 20,000 agencies and businesses. Among them are well-known brands such as GroupM, HubSpot, Lego, IKEA, HBO, Toyota, and Nordea.

How Important Is Choosing The Correct SEO Tool?

SEO is technical, and it is only with the assistance of the appropriate SEO tool that you can determine if your efforts are being rewarded or not!

In the last few years, there has been an explosion of keyword rank monitoring solutions that combine statistics and user experience perfectly.

AccuRanker is one such product that is lauded by a large number of SEO experts and firms.

What exactly is it?

AccuRanker is a cloud-based solution that monitors local and worldwide ranks on Google and Bing on a daily basis. You may monitor these astonishingly precise results in a variety of ways, including by keyword, postal code, city, or state.

Additionally, it saves these results so you can access them via the historical data option, allowing you to monitor changes and trends – you can also import your historical keyword performance directly from other SEO tools, Google Data Studio, or a CSV-file, ensuring that you don’t lose any data if you switch rank trackers.

It enables you to make strategic choices by including extra analytics data for each phrase, such as search volume (monthly searches), rank URL searches, traffic potential for that term, and preferred URL function.

You can monitor keywords. compare your keyword ranks in the marketplace to those of your rivals, as well as their activity and position changes in the rankings.

Essentially, it is the best SEO keyword ranking tool that enables you to monitor market fluctuations, your own keywords, organic search, landing sites, and the performance of your competitors.

What Is AccuRanker’s Getting Started Process?

AccuRanker enables you to quickly get up and running. They provide a 14-day free trial, which allows you to evaluate the service and determine if it’s a suitable match for you. You are not even required to provide your payment card number. You simply need to verify your email address and respond to a few questions about your user type, the number of keywords you monitor, and your contact information.

Following that, you will be sent to the app’s dashboard. After that, monitoring keywords becomes quite simple. You just input the website you want to monitor and the terms you wish to watch, and AccuRanker generates reports in a matter of seconds.

AccuRanker is intended for those who are already familiar with keyword tracking software. However, they have a fantastic blog. There are how-to videos and articles that walk you through the process of getting started. They also provide beginner’s guidance to SEO. AccuRanker’s onboarding features set it different from the competition.

Potential Benefits Of AccuRanker

AccuRanker may be beneficial to you and your company in a variety of ways:

It includes automatic, customized reporting, which enables you to expedite client reporting with a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can white-label your reports — using the customized email tool, you can hand-pick your high-quality data and add logos, branding, and text.

You may monitor your most important keyword rankings

Additionally, they provide “Set it and Forget it” reporting – on both automatic Standard and Custom Reporting – that may be configured to send daily, weekly, or monthly reports to customers.

With AccuRankers’ Keyword Discovery tool, you can simply add relevant keywords to your domain without having to do extensive keyword research beforehand.

You can simply set unique rules for tagging your keywords using AccuRankers Dynamic Tagging tool.

Organic Site Explorer in AccuRanker provides a graphical representation of your complete website. It displays how many keywords you monitor, how many you do not track, the search volume, and other useful information for each landing page.

The API is simple yet effective, allowing you to rapidly get any parsing data you want.

AccuRanker is the world’s quickest rank tracker — results are updated daily or on-demand, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date information and can remain ahead of your competition.

You may organize your ranking data using star ratings, categories, tags, and notes to make it simpler to analyze and comprehend vast amounts of keywords.

It displays rankings for desktop, mobile, and any other location you choose, and includes a slew of SERP options.

Notably, the user interface is simple to use, allowing you to quickly traverse the program and complete tasks. Conducting SEO campaigns is a breeze.

It has team management capabilities, which means you can always keep track of who is doing what. Additionally, you may configure roles and permissions to indicate which account your team is working on.

The Share of Voice function allows you to quickly determine your market share in comparison to your competition for keywords ranked 1–20. The Share of Voice is derived only on the basis of the top 20 most essential keywords.

Google Data Studio, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console are all integrated with AccuRanker.

AccuRanker enables you to monitor the ranks of your keywords across different search engines.


AccuRanker (aff) is a fast and dependable SERP tracker with a slew of features that set it apart from the competition, most notably its on-demand refresh of ranking data, unique Share of Voice metric, and ability to track rankings across multiple search engines including Google, Bing, YouTube, Baidu, and Yandex. I hope you found this post on AccuRanker to be informative.