What to do if your business is wrongfully accused of fraudulent activities


If you run a clean and above-board business, it can be devastating when you are accused of fraudulent activities.

You will need to fight these claims as soon as you can to ensure that the least amount of damage is done to your professional reputation. Here are some of the steps you should follow if your business is wrongfully accused of fraud.

Get Legal Aid

The first thing you should do is secure some legal aid. You should have a lawyer’s firm on retainer so approach them and see if they have someone who can help you out. If not, consider searching for specialist fraud solicitors who will be able to handle the case for you.

They are the experts and they are the ones you should listen to if you want these claims dropped. They will know the defence which needs to be given and you need to trust their judgement.


Now is not the time to be hiding anything. Nobody likes having their dirty laundry aired in public but if it means that you won’t be caught out later down the line then you need to be honest. Hiding something will only give the claimants something to hang their case on, even if it is unrelated to the actual claims being made.

This is especially true if any sort of law enforcement body becomes involved in the case. If they ask for your accounts and papers, you hand them over in their entirety. You are innocent, and you need to make sure that you are not giving away any sort of opportunity which could damage you later on. The more information you supply, the more honest and open you will appear to be.

Be the Bigger Person

Once the case is over, it can be extremely tempting to put together a countersuit and try to claim back some of the damages you have taken while defending yourself. However, what is better for you is if you just act like the bigger person.

Remove yourself from the situation and return your attention to your company. It has most likely been extremely disrupted by the proceedings and your employees will need your guidance to get back on track. Focus on rebuilding your business and any reputation which you have lost. It will always make you look better instead of engaging in a tit-for-tat war with the people who originally sued you.

A fraud claim might be very difficult to shake off, even if you are proved innocent, and so you should ensure that you are doing everything in your power to build your reputation again. If you are successful, your business will be able to shake off this claim like it is nothing. Get ready to fight back and improve your reputation.

Wrongful fraudulent claims might seem like the end of your business when they hit. However, if you are willing to fight back against them, a little planning and the right team can make it seem like they are gone in no time.

Image: Pixabay