The merits of picking a reputable cryptocurrency exchange

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A resurgence of interest in Bitcoin has fuelled a return to cryptocurrency markets around the world. After a relative lull in volatility, the Bitcoin boom is back and traders, investors, and speculators are actively engaging in crypto markets.

A strong uptrend has characterised market activity in recent weeks, helping Bitcoin to hover around the critical $6000 per unit BTC level.

The net effect of current trends is higher lows and higher highs. These upward trends have pulled up the moving averages, allowing for several support zones for traders and investors. The Bitcoin bulls are encouraged by recent trends, but equally aware of the volatility in this market. Cryptocurrency trading experts routinely caution about the high-risk nature of this contrarian market.

Bitcoin and altcoin investments are headed into the mainstream market, with significant interest among casual traders, long-term investors, and speculators. Several important developments are facilitating the current resurgence, notably Bitcoin’s lightning network on the Apple Watch, and it’s ongoing profitability with Square. The recent advances are attributed to a breakout from the $8200 level where it remained for months on end.

This begs the question: Where are traders and investors best served on a Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange?

There have been multiple cryptocurrency exchange scares over the years, most recently the Binance hack which resulted in theft of over $40 million of BTC. In recent years, several other large exchanges have suffered at the hands of supposedly watertight crypto security such as 24,000 BTC hacked from BitFloor in 2012, 750,000+ BTC hacked from Mount Gox in 2011, 19,000 BTC hacked from Bitstamp in 2015, and 120,000 BTC hack from Bitfinex in 2016.

One leading crypto exchange presents as a veritable Fort Knox against hacking and third-party interception of your personal data, crypto-assets and trading funds. This company has retained its stellar reputation throughout it all and is part of the well known group eToro.eToroX launched its crypto exchange to facilitate lightning fast trades in digital assets, cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets.

Leading from the Front with Innovative Trading Solutions

eToro has always been a pioneering entity in the arena of disruptive finance. With over a decade of experience in the industry, with global operations, eToro took the next step to launch eToroX. This blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange is geared towards tokenized assets for traders and investors. The Xchange and regulated e-wallet are guaranteed secure. Traders can enjoy this stable trading platform for real-time cryptocurrency trading.

Among the many offerings provided through eToroX are cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and a powerful infrastructure geared towards tokenizing assets.

The brains trust behind the creation of this cryptocurrency exchanges have over a decade of experience at the forefront of global FinTech operations. Thanks to full transparency, licensing (Gibraltar Financial Services Commission), and the widest possible range of products, it is now possible to enjoy high performance digital asset exchanges online. Transactions processing takes place at lightning speed, and with tight spreads through high volume trading, clients are assured of competitive prices at all times. The asset index comprises the following options: ETH, EURX, NZDX, CHFX, AUDX, JPYX, GBPX, CADX, RUBX, CNYX, XRP, LTC, BCH, BTC, USDEX GOLDX and Silver- SLVRX.

In total, there are 43+ cryptoasset pairs available to registered traders, including:


Joining the exchange is a relatively straightforward process. Clients are required to submit personal information and related documents, an email, password and telephone number. Once the account has been created, an email confirmation will be sent to the recipient’s inbox.

The security centre is top-tier and this is what makes it markedly different from its competitors. For starters, eToroX features powerful data encryption which ensures customers privacy. 2FA (two factor authentication) adds an additional layer of security to the platform.

But it’s the added features that make this cryptocurrency exchange a better choice such as limited login attempts, strict KYC protocols and suspicious activity detection.

Regulated and Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet

The eToroX wallet is fully loaded for maximum safety, security, exchange, and payment processing ability. It is compliant with ISO 27001 and ISO 27032 requirements and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC). The crypto wallet is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets, courtesy of the Google play store and the App Store.

The 3-step process to using the wallet can be completed by simply registering, verifying and logging in. A wide range of crypto assets is available at eToroX and it’s also possible to represent any asset category on the blockchain. This process is known as Tokenization, It is provided by eToro Digital Assets,