What is a hammock and how to use it?


It’s a warm summer afternoon. You decide to go to the park near your house for some fresh air. All you need for the next hour or so is to lay somewhere in peace, without any disturbance.

But to sit under the tree leaning against it may not always be comfortable. You need something better. You need a hammock. A piece of fabric in the form of a sling can be dangled between two points and can be used for relaxing or sleeping. A hammock usually has a number of cloth panels along so it can support the person. It is a symbol of leisure.

You can find a hammock between two trees in a park, by the lakeside or the beach. Considered to be a creation of the Spanish natives, in some Spanish areas and tribes, it is considered to be a culture to sleep on a hammock. A hammock is to protect the people from natural calamities such as tremors or earthquakes. Originally from Spain, the hammock has been in countries such as Mexico and Venezuela for many generations. It is a necessity for people living in Yucatan in Mexico. A certain “Mayan” style is used to stitch these hammocks with a certain quality and they are woven by hand. Though not originally from India, the hammock is widely used in India. In most cases, it is used to take care of children. However, the hammocks are quite different in India. A traditional Indian Saree is used to dangle between two points for leisure or sleep.

How to use a Hammock?

To use the hammock, you have to make sure the hammock is in place. Also known as “mounting a hammock”, it needs to be made sure the two points have a screw or a few nails that have been properly attached. The ideal feet between the two points should be 10-12 feet. The hammock should be straight. Before getting into the hammock, it needs to be made sure that the hammock is in such a position that nobody gets injured in any way. Based on a person’s weight, one should check if it is secure.

When it comes to taking care of a hammock, there are only a few steps.

  • Make sure the distance between the two points is around 4 to 6 meters
  • Always check if the hammock is stable
  • Attach nails at the two points which will help any hammock to stay secure

Types of Hammocks

Here are some of the different kinds of hammocks that are trusted all over the world.

  1. Rope Hammock

When we think of hammocks, the first thing in our mind is always the rope. The Rope Hammock is the most popular hammock. In most cases, made of either cotton or polyester, the rope hammock is only able to support one person at a time. The Rope Hammock has a special bar towards the end which prevents it from moving too much. That bar is called a “Spreader Bar” and it is compulsory to have the bar when making a rope hammock. The material of the cotton makes the hammock more comfortable. However, if you want your hammock to last for a long span of time, then the polyester material is preferred.

  1. The Camping Hammock

After a tiring day of backpacking and hiking, everyone deserves a break. Simply take out your extremely light Camping Hammock and relax. The specialty about the Camping Hammock is that it is supported by straps. Its most important feature includes a shed which prevents rainwater from entering the hammock. Take a timeout, lie down in your camping hammock, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.

  1. Poolside Hammocks

A poolside hammock is used mostly as a decorative feature in your swimming pool. These kinds of hammocks prevent the water from staying too long inside because of the polyester material.

  1. Brazilian and Nicaraguan Hammock

The more traditional hammocks are from Brazil or Nicaragua. They are made of a certain fabric material which makes them stronger, allowing them to last for a longer span of time. The Nicaraguan Hammock is specially woven which prevents it from tearing. These are the kind of hammocks that can be used at home as well.

  1. Chair Hammocks

A chair hammock is the ideal family hammock. It can support two people at once, it is safe in the case of children and is more compact compared to the traditional hammock. Considered to be durable and stable, the chair hammock is made of certain vinyl fabrics that add a certain quality to it. Now you can take your chair hammock anywhere around the house for an afternoon nap without any hassle.

  1. Special Hammocks

Certain hammocks have only one opening since it can be a task to get into a hammock. With special hammocks, you can rest without lying down and only a single point is needed to hang the hammock from instead of two points with the traditional hammock.

Take full advantage of your hammock. Along with maintaining safety measures, make sure you’re comfortable when you’re in your hammock. It’s been designed to help you relax, hence the hammock should not be too tight. Add things to your hammock, a pillow, or a quilt in case there is a strong breeze and have a good few hours of relaxation.

When choosing a hammock there are certain factors one must look at :

  • The size of the hammock according to the buyer.
  • Whether the hammock has a spreader bar or not safety purposes.
  • The durability of the hammock.
  • The material of the hammock, whether cotton for comfort or polyester for durability.

Certain brands of Hammocks may help you decide which is the best one for you. Examples may be:

  • Vivere Hammocks are strong, durable, and very comfortable along with their good looks. They specialize in Brazilian and Poolside Hammocks.
  • Eagle Nest Outfitters also are known as ENO Hammocks which have their customized hammock in the form of a parachute

Take a day off, you deserve it. Are you ready to live the Hammock life?