What are the Benefits of Studying for 11 Plus Exams Online?

Imagine trying to drive a car with one wheel missing… Will the car move with a missing part? Perhaps, that’s what speaking English is like without enough grammar foundation.

Now, think of driving a sleek new sports car with your gas in full tank as well as some hot new wheels… This car will surely take you to places! Your English communication skills will be able to benefit you the same way with a strong grammar.

The English language is complex and English grammar follows some strict rules. Equipping yourself with robust grammar skills will also give you an edge in this competitive fast-paced world. Reports show that grammatical errors in CVs and resumes can ruin your chances in getting hired.

In the UK, one has to pass the 11 plus exams in order to get into grammar schools. Grammar schools in London are associated with great academic success. This is why parents invest heavily in preparing for the eleven plus exams.

With the continuous advancement of technology and innovation, there are enough reasons to steer away from traditional methods of 11 plus preparation. KidSmart offers an abundance of resources to help you prepare for 11 plus exams and improve your English and grammar skills!

Here’s why we think that the website can change the game for grammar schools in uk:

1. Reduced Costs

It can cost a lot of money to prepare for 11 plus exams. Depending on what kind of learning support you need –  a tutor, 11 plus resources (practice test, 11 past papers gl assessment papers), etc. can cost a lot of money if you avail of it individually. The website offers all you need for affordable plans. You get options to pick which services you need – online tutor, help with vocabulary only, primary education support, or all of the above for a great price.

2. Flexible Schedule and Self-Paced Learning

You get to access the site at your own convenience without the hassle of having to commute to study. Wherever you are, whenever you are ready, you can simply go to KidSmart and check out a wide range of services offered geared towards helping you prepare! You get to juggle other responsibilities or better yet, have complete work life balance when you enroll yourself in online classes.

3. You Get Access to a Wide Range of Resources

You get unlimited access to resources from mock tests, 11 plus past papers, games, virtual tutor, thousands of lessons, videos, mock tests, without carrying heavy books. You also get to personalize the lessons or tailor it to your own strengths and weaknesses. You get on the spot feedback and explanation to improve your skills!

All these will be able to enhance your learning and deepen your knowledge in your own comfortable environment! It’s time to invest in yourself and give yourself an edge. Enrol in KidSmart now.