Website design trends for 2020

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There will be significant improvements when it comes to website design in 2020. It is time for a big change.

Companies are looking for solutions that are both visually appealing and very practical. The purpose of modern web design is to improve overall user experience and to simplify things. Here are some of the trends that will be popular in 2020:

High Quality Website Animation

One of the aspects that will be greatly improved in 2020 is animation. Animation and GIFs are already an important part of every website and every mobile app. Thanks to HTML and JavaScript software development loading time will be shorter and website speed will be increased. Websites will become more responsive and their SEO will be better. They are also working on improving so called micro-interactions. Micro-interactions are those small animations that some people do not even notice consciously, for example when icon changes color or starts moving slightly. That happens when you press Like button on Facebook, for example, and many potential reactions appear so you can choose one that suits your mood the best. However, these small changes can significantly improve overall user experience and that’s why web designers are paying special attention to them.

Web Augmented Reality

This may be the biggest change in the following months. Website design companies are working on integrating AR to various websites. Augmented reality basically means that virtual elements will be added to our real life. One of the best examples of AR is trying on clothes virtually. That trend will spread to other industries as well, and we can expect that AR will become part of our daily life. We will probably use it whenever we want to look for something online.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine learning is a powerful tool that will enable creating new websites based on user preferences. That tool, however, still needs to be improved and further developed. Anyway, artificial intelligence can be used in some areas such as customer service – you have heard of chatbots. Almost every website in 2020 will have a chatbot that will be able to help customers and answer to simple questions. AI may not be perfect, but it is a great solution for dealing with commonly asked questions. Chatbots are cheaper option and they are often even quicker than human, because they are able to process information much faster. Customer service will still exist, but employees won’t need to deal with same boring tasks every day. They will be called to help with more complex inquiries, that AI can not solve, and human skills are needed.

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa made our lives easier. More and more people are using them to search for information online. Some people are even using them as their virtual assistants, when it comes to organizing and scheduling. Fortunately, website design companies have recognized the importance of them and they are working on improving them even more. Voice assistants will very soon become a fundamental part of browsing process and they will make it quicker and easier. For example, you won’t need to read whole FAQ section in order to find answer to the one question that interests you. You will be able to ask that question to the voice assistant that will be part of every website and they will find an answer to your question in a moment.

Minimalism is modern

Modern website design is focused on minimalism and order. Unnecessary elements, such as too much text, will be removed, in order to improve user experience in 2020. You can expect to have a more clear and clean interface, with no superfluous details. There will be less graphics and motions, but they will be more significant. You can also expect to see hidden navigation bars that will appear only when you need them. The goal is to remove all unnecessary distractions from websites and make browsing easier.

There are a lot of things to be excited about when it comes to web design in 2020! JavaScript software developers are working on making our experience less complex and more interactive. We believe that websites in 2020 will become more beautiful and more convenient, as well as easier to use. For more tips and ideas call the guys at Nettonic on 01234 261385