Ways to raise personal productivity

It is very important to raise productivity for the students. In the student life, your success lies in your productivity.

As a student who wants to focus on future career, you have probably experienced being burned out from all the study. The result of such exhaustion brings forth negative results not only to you and to your study, but to your result as well.

Feeling unproductive is the pitfall any entrepreneur doesn’t want to experience, so follow these ways for you to make sure that your efficiency level is maintained no matter how much work you do. You are only human, and getting tired is something all people in the world experience.

Break free from the Time Management myth

You have to first change your mindset and point of view to understand and acknowledge the fact that Time cannot be managed. Time is time and is a constant. What you have to focus on, instead, is how to manage YOURSELF in time. Stephen Covey once said, “Time Management is a misnomer. The key is to manage yourself.” So from the here on, the focus will be on how YOU can take charge of your time.

Tackle Overwhelm effectively

At this age, you have too much information coming at you, and one keeps jumping from one topic to the other leading to overwhelm and waste of time. We always move in the direction we look. So if you want to change your direction, then just change where you look. And one keeps looking at different things throughout the day, and guess what they end up moving everywhere – and that means nowhere. So how do you tackle it? Let’s start with you – Don’t complain about too much information. The way you look at it determines how you would react to it. You CANNOT AVOID overwhelming, but you CAN MANAGE it. And this is how you do it:

Disconnect yourself regularly

Take regular time-offs from your daily grind. Find ways of relaxation and refresh yourself with new ideas and thoughts. Engage in your hobbies regularly. If you like fishing, schedule it every week. It’s said that the most creative ideas come to you when your mind is relaxed. It’s not mandatory to do anything like PayPal business or something else to disconnect yourself. So when once you are back at your work, you are keyed up and raring to go.

Read Everyday

Reading each day is so important to your productivity. As a student, it is much easier to read more and more. Avoid class note, just read something else to refresh your mind.  If you spend most of the time just sitting there trying to figure out your topic for the day. Then you’re wasting time. Reading articles, and books will fill your brain with the information you need to make a content creation for your business, that much easier. You can even take personal statement help on british essay writing service to focus on your career.

I like to read books from personal development leaders. People like Jim Rohn, and John Maxwell. Also, I like to read autobiographies of great leaders and sports figures. These people have been successful, and I would like to read how they did it.

Avoid the killer of time – Distractions

It’s not social media, emails, etc that causes you distractions; it’s YOU. You are the one who lets them distract you. You cannot do things when you feel like doing it; you have to schedule it. You have to build a boundary of protection around you. The best solution, what I have experienced, to tackle distractions is to get the most important things done before distraction comes looking for you. That means that most of the distractions start after people have started waking up and getting to work.

Roughly after 1000 am things start to take on the colors of distraction. So the best thing to do is to schedule all your important activities early in the morning. By doing this, you ensure consistent productivity. It’s said that great poet Ernest Hemmingway used to finish off all his writing before 1000 am. After that, he used to enjoy life. Use that principle. Studies have shown that disconnecting the Internet and simply focusing on the day’s task are great ways to boost one’s productivity.

Choose your environment

My experience shows that I can’t get everything done in front of my work-desk for fulfilling my office needs. I also don’t like to exercise in the house. I tend to do better outdoors, sucking in the fresh morning air. What environment you choose is entirely up to you. It helps to assign specific environments to specific activities.

To summarize, if you take a look at the above 4 points, you will see a common pattern – it’s about YOU. It starts with you and ends with you. You have the total power and control to manage yourself and boost your productivity. Try the above techniques for a week, and see how you adapt to it.

As an entrepreneur, you should follow these tips in order to raise your productivity level. One of the most common challenges that people face, especially entrepreneurs, is to effectively manage their time. In this information age, there is too much information to sift through and if you let the information control you then you will feel overwhelmed and under-achieve. So what does one have to do to improve their personal productivity? Several ideas have been proposed and here I have tried to summarize all. Let me know your thoughts through the comment section.