Viable ways to rank your ecommerce website


The advancements in modern technology paved the way for various goods to be bought and sold online through digital stores which can be found on eCommerce websites.

Because of the tough competition in this industry, your eCommerce website must be searchable, to give you an advantage over your competitors. The reason behind this is that if your site ranks high on search engine results, your potential market will be able to see your page first before they see your competitors, increasing the likelihood that they visit your store among others.

If you are keen on making sure that your eCommerce website lands on the top spot of search engine results, below are some of the viable ways that you can ponder on.

Keyword Research

One of the things that you need to focus on if you want your eCommerce website to rank high is keyword research. This process is an important step in any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique because it is through this step that you will have a good idea of the keywords that are relevant to your niche. If you target keywords that are quite challenging to rank for, there is a great chance that you won’t make it to the top spot. In this case, make sure that you look for keywords with high monthly searches and ensure that this is relevant to your business.

Site Architecture

One of the golden rules to create a superb site architecture is to make sure that it is simple and scalable. As a general rule of thumb, make it easy for your users to navigate through your page by having no more than three clicks to get to another page from a previous one. Use the keywords you have decided on to create a relevant page URL too. This will ensure that the search engine algorithms will be able to find your site and recommend it to their users.

Link Building

Lastly, you will be able to generate a certain sense of authority to your site through link building. When other websites with a higher domain authority link back to your eCommerce website, there is a great chance for your ranking to improve. This may entail the need for you to collaborate with other site owners to get your hands on these links. Other link building opportunities include resource page link building, as well as broken link building. Just keep in mind to monitor all the metrics that you have set in this process.

You will be able to rank your eCommerce website if you focus on the keywords that opt to use, optimize the architecture of your site, as well as build on links. But aside from this, it is also important that you monitor your metrics to effectively gauge if you are achieving your goals. This is also important for you to identify the areas that you need to work on further. At the end, when your website ranks high on search engine results, you will reap the benefits and rewards that go well with it such as increased revenue.