Using lawn signs to help sell your property: Tips for success

real estate lawn sign

It has been a long-standing tradition for real estate sellers to put up signs indicating if a property is for sale.

Studies show that these lawn signs are no longer as effective since potential and prospective buyers search online for properties before they set out to see them physically. It is very rare nowadays to have a buyer driving around looking for a property to buy. They usually look through the internet, and even go through pictures both of the house and the surrounding environment and then finally go to meet with the sellers as they check out the property. However, lawn signage is still as important and here is why.

Random Checks

Well, almost everyone looks up for property for sale online before they venture out to see them. This does not mean, though, that they cannot check out others in a different neighborhoodonce they venture out. A buyer might be going to see a property, only to get attracted to another one while passing in a different or even in the same neighborhood.

If you have put up a lawn sign showing that the property is for sale, you might just get a client without doing any marketing. Furthermore, your neighbors can help you market your property if they see the lawn sign by word of mouth.

Word of mouth is, by the way, a very compelling way of spreading news since those who receive it have a personal connection with those delivering it most of the time. Your neighbor can pass the word that your property is for sale to their friends and family when they see the sign.

Increased Traffic

If for instance the property you are selling is located on a busy street, you are going to get increased traffic than just posting it online if you have a lawn sign. There are sellers that have sold properties just to people driving through a particular street and saw the lawn sign.

In some cases, the buyers are not even looking for a house at that moment, but just driving past or strolling around. Anyone passing by could be a potential client.

Without this sign, you might just miss closing in on a good deal. Furthermore, not everyone, especially the elder generation is tech-savvy and even think about checking out properties for sale online.

Some are even paranoid about checking such listings because not all of them are true. Some are just posted by scrupulous individuals trying to take advantage of any gullible victim.

A possibility of Higher Offers

When people call after seeing a lawn sign to see your house, most often than not, they are really interested in the property. Online buyers are not all serious. Some are just testing waters to hear of prices in that particular neighbourhood.

If your house is especially in an attractive and high-end neighborhood, then a lawn sign can bring very serious buyers your way. The good thing is that you can end up selling your house at a much higher price than you had even anticipated.

The interested parties, if they really like the house will give you offers just to beat other potential buyers. This gives you an opportunity to go for the highest bidder.

Avoiding Agents

There are times when you want to engage the buyers yourself without involving agents. A yard sign will come in handy where you clearly indicate that the property is being sold by the owner. There are some people who like dealing directly with the owner of the property rather than going through a sales agent.

This is mainly to avoid the commissions that the sales agent might impose on both the owner and the buyer. Avoiding such commission may have you selling your property faster and buyers getting a good deal. Agents sometimes delay the sale trying to get as much commission as possible. So, if you are in a hurry to sell your property, just go ahead and advertise it using a yard sign.

Lawn signs have their advantages and disadvantages. It is upon you as a homeowner or agent to decide what plays to your advantage.

If you think a yard sign will attract unwanted visitors to your house, then you can consider advertising online only. If you deem that it is a good way of attracting potential buyers quickly, then go ahead and put up one.