University Living Launched Visa Assistance Service

Students aiming for high-earning graduate jobs will save £20,000 in loan repayments if they delay university entry, while middle earners face paying £30,000 more over their lifetime, according to new analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies.

University Living, the popular online student accommodation service platform, has offered its assistance for the visa to international students who visit abroad to get higher education. These services were in demand for a long time. Students had to do hard efforts sometimes to get a visa for their host country before the commencement of their sessions in their colleges or universities.

This new service by University Living has made the procedure easier for students. Now students can get plenty of services that they need to visit and stay abroad under one roof. University living has collaboration with OneVASCO. OneVASCO specializes in simplifying the matrix of modern global travel.

In collaboration with OneVASCO, University Living provides end-to-end visa assistance service for 63 countries all over the world. Each student gets a personalized experience, which is accessible distantly. Students can get it from the comfort of their homes through email, telephone, or WhatsApp. Services on all these platforms are available on a 24/7 basis.

Students need to go through the lengthy and sometimes complicated application process. They are not required to worry about their visa application now because University Living provides step-by-step support. Now, they will get access to expert advisors who will check all the supporting documents. Thereafter, students will be assisted in drafting and submitting their applications.

This new service has made it easier for students to get visas for their foreign visits. They no longer need to do anything blindly as they have advisors now. University Living offers many other services, and by getting the visa service, students are now able to get a plethora of services related to their stay in a distant country on a single website.

For several years, University Living is offering a wide range of services to international students. Its major service is providing services for accommodation to international students.

University Living offers lists of several student properties on its website. So, students don’t need to visit different websites to check plenty of accommodation properties. They can see a number of properties on a single page. Besides, they don’t need to search for properties on search engines to know which properties are available as they can find many of them on the website of University Living.

Moreover, University Living also provides a comparison feature through which students can compare two to four properties of a city on a single webpage. They can compare their prices, amenities, distances from universities, etc. Moreover, this website also has a filter feature, which allows students to filter the properties according to their budgets and preferences.

Another service offered by University Living is international money transfer service. Through this service, students can get money for their expenses while living abroad. Tuition fees for college and rent for accommodation owners are directly transferred to their respective authorities by University Living. Besides, parents of the students can send money to them for their expenses through University Living.

Airport pickup service is also provided by University Living. Through this service, students can book a ride from the airport to their destination and vice versa.

Moreover, students can also apply for education loans through University Living. It has tie-ups with some authentic loan providers. So, students who want to study abroad but find money as a constraint can also get the help of University Living.

Besides, health insurance and travel insurance services are also offered to students by University Living, in which they get cover for medical and some non-medical expenses.

Foreign exchange is also required by students and here also, University Living helps them. University Living also offers forex (foreign exchange) services to students. This platform also provides guarantors to students in overseas countries whenever required.

Opening a student bank account can be marked as one more major service of University Living. Students can open their bank accounts with the help of University Living to manage their expenses. Moreover, this accommodation service platform also helps students in getting international SIM cards. Two other services offered by University Living to students are room essentials and luggage storage.

The job search services are also offered by University Living by tie-up with the job website Jooble”. Recently, University Living has started “student internship” service directly on its websites. Students can select any opportunity type in any field in the dropdown arrows to get any internship type.

Two more services have been launched recently by University Living. One of them is room replacement service, which helps students in getting a perfect room. Another recently launched service is “foodhub” through which students can order their favorite food online.

University Living undoubtedly provides a number of services to international students under one roof. Now, the visa service launched by the website has made students’ visits to other nations much easier than before.