Understanding the hype: Why is Blackjack so popular?


There is no doubt about the fact that Blackjack happens to be one of the most popular casino games all around the world.

Wherever one may be playing at a casino, having a Blackjack table is a must. There are thousands of sites which provide a vast range of guidelines for beginners, making Blackjack even more convenient and popular. With the onset of online gaming, players all around the world get a varied most of this game, both online and offline. This game which had started in France back in the 1700s, actually evolved from a game called, “vingt-et-un”, which meant “twenty-one”. From starting as a table game in shady places, this game has come a far way wherein anyone can play it at any time. These days, one can easily play blackjack online at Mansion. But the question is, how did this game earn so much popularity?

Blackjack wasn’t remotely famous when it was introduced in the US for the first time because very few people wanted to try a new game. Dealers then started giving bonus payouts to every player in the gambling house, but only at the blackjack table. This started attracting crowd and eventually, it kept on growing to become one of the most played games at a gambling house.

This game got its name from the jack of spades and jack of clubs. The rules have changed now where players can win blackjack if they get any ace card and any of the tens, jacks, queens and kings. Previously, when a player got an ace of spades and a blackjack, it was considered as “blackjack” wherein the player would win a bonus payout.

In this course of time, blackjack became so famous that people started playing it in their houses and even making movies about it. It is relatively easier than any other card game, which makes players quick learners. It has fairly simple rules where the players have to essentially beat the dealer to a hand of 21. Here are few reasons behind blackjack being so popular:

  • Easy to play- One of the main reasons behind blackjack being so popular is the ease of playing. It isn’t another complex casino game with twisted rules. The rules and game strategy will seem easy once the player understands when to hit, when to stand and split.
  • Low house edge- In layman’s terms, the odds are good in a game of blackjack. The higher the house edge, lower are the chances of the player to win. Blackjack, unlike most other card games, provides an exceedingly low house edge. This is why players keep coming back time and again, because this game gives the player a fair chance to win.
  • Three to One payout- This essentially means that when a player gets a blackjack, he directly wins the round. Even if he doesn’t get a blackjack, he still has the chance to keep on playing until he beats the dealer’s card.
  • Fast paced – With the rise of online casino gaming, a wider range of users started playing casino games even without leaving their comfort zones. What drives this industry is pace. Blackjack garnered the most amount of popularity here too because it had no long drawn out games in it.
  • Basic rules are static- Blackjack has a consistent set of rules across countries, unlike other card games. This makes players all around the world understand the game better than any other.
  • A social game- Blackjack is a game which has to be played along with interaction amongst all the players. This adds a socialistic aspect to it. It’s always “fun” to play along with others is what people who enjoy such card games believe in.
  • Availability- It doesn’t take a punter long time to find a seat at a blackjack table. Though different tables have a different bet-size limit, but the game wouldn’t have been so popular if it wasn’t available all the time.
  • Affordability – Unlike poker and any other card games, blackjack doesn’t favour the dealer all the time. There’s a fair chance for the player to win back equal if not more than what he invested in the game.
  • A worldwide game- Be it America, Europe, Asia or Australia. One just has to name a place and blackjack’s already a hit there. It’s a game which is known to the whole world and played widely.
  • One takes his own decisions- Once the bet is set in every casino game, the player can only count on his fate. He becomes a spectator waiting for the result. But blackjack keeps the player involved in the game throughout. The player can decide on further moves. He can choose to hit, stand or split.

All in all, it’s a fun game that employs an awful lot of mental gymnastics and finesse to ace it (pun intended).