Undercut Hairstyles for Women to Try in December

Undercut hairstyles were known to be men’s hairstyles until recently when women started wearing them.

The style looks unique to many ladies, a reason for its popularity today. Ladies are spoiled for choice with the undercut styles.

We have made a list of different women’s styles ranging from the simplest ones to the most serious ones. Get a professional hairdresser to style it, and you won’t regret it. Check out the list of some undercut styles to try.

1. Shaved Sides Bob

A plain bob looks cliché nowadays, but you can make it more appealing with an undercut. Ask your stylist to shave the left or right side of your head. Let the extended portion of your top hair swoop away from the faded side. The style suits people with naturally straight hair better.

2. Side-Swept Style

If the undercut on the bob style looks too silent for you, you can add a side braid to make the haircut pop. Ask the barber to shave one side of your head, either right or left, and comb the longer hair towards the opposite side. According to LoveHairStyles, braid the hair at the line of separation between the shaved part and the long hair.

3. High Braids

If you want to buzz your sides and add braids at the center, it is all possible if you visit a professional. The barber will buzz your sides and leave some inches at the top. Choose a cool shade of braids to style.

4. Nape Undercut

You can still rock the undercuts with your voluminous long hair. With the nape undercut, the stylist cuts a small portion of hair slightly above the neck and makes some lines on the cut. You can maintain the rest of the length and volume. However, you have to hold your hair up for the style to be seen.

5. Undercut With A Ponytail

Choose to cut your hair around the head, leaving the center part, or you can trim the left or right sides. The long hair left is for holding it into a ponytail. This style is gorgeous.

6. Triangular Undercut And Two Buns

Feel free to experiment with your hair. Get a triangular undercut at the back of the head and style the rest of the hair into two buns. Choose colors that make you happy and dye the short strands in a triangular.

7. Spiky Strands

This style is for people with thin hair to try. Leaving your hair in the spiky texture adds volume. The stylist can add some details on the shaved part by drawing a pattern on the scalp.

8. Style With Ombre Braids

What is your favorite way of styling braids? If you like them falling on one side, you can make them lay on that side naturally. Ask your stylist to fade the left or right side of the head and leave a volume on the other half for braiding. Ombre braids are an excellent choice to experiment with.

9. Frame Your Face With Curls

Haircuts shape our faces in a way. Once you get the sidecut, pull a portion of the front hair and divide it into two thick strands. Make them curly using a curling iron and let them fall on the face.

10. Dark Roots

While undercut hairstyles themselves are characterized by their boldness, you can still take things a notch higher and make your haircut even more vibrant. The best way to achieve that would be by applying colors. The dark roots will be more and better pronounced with blonde or caramel blonde hair. Adding shaved sides makes the style more detailed and stunning.

11. Mohawk And An Undercut

These are more revolutionary hairstyles and are only reserved for the most daring ones. However, mohawk styles on women are stunning and look sporty. It makes the woman look strong and independent. This style will draw everybody’s attention towards you, a thing girls like. You can style the Mohawk in different ways, depending on the style that makes you happy.

12. Blonde Highlight Fringe And Undercuts

If you want your undercut to look more stunning, make the shaved part darker than the long hair. Dye your blonde hair black. Black-haired girls can dye the top hair blonde. The style is stunning and very low maintenance.