Ultimate Guide: How to Make a Website in 2022

Web development is pivotal for any business, as most consumers discover products and services online.

Yet, building a strong web presence can be daunting, as there are so many aspects to take care of. Your content must be useful, engaging, well-structured, and pleasing to the eye. A high-quality website is the key driver of sales in the digital age.

With over 1.88 billion websites today, standing out from the crowd is not easy. Fortunately, popular CMS (Content Management Systems) help businesses save time and effort. For example, WordPress development company Flexi IT builds unique sites that drive traffic in any industry. Here are the basics of web building in 2022:

1.  Planning Your Website

Aside from the general goals and target audience, you need to consider essential sections and pages (sitemap), topics, design, headings and subheadings, images, and more. What will you include in the header and footer of each page? What will your sidebar look like?

Users are impatient, so they should understand what your site is all about instantly. To make planning easier, study your competitors’ web presence. Pay attention to the layout, messaging, pricing, and keywords they use.

2.  Choose Your Domain Name and Logo

Your website must showcase your brand identity and value propositions. A unique domain name is a must, as it builds trust and confirms authenticity. It must be short, simple, professional, and evocative at the same time. Your company also needs an attractive and memorable logo reflecting what it does. It is a core brand element and differentiator!

3.  Design Your Website

First impressions can make or break any brand. Make sure your existing customers will like what they see. Design accounts for 75% of website credibility! Focus on the following:

●     User-Friendly on All Screens

Google ranks mobile-friendly sites higher, but optimization is not only important for SEO. Most users spend around 70% of their time online using smartphones or tablets. Include clear CTA (call to action) buttons that will redirect users to relevant sections.

●     Fast Loading

Slow loading times are a major turn-off, as users do not want to spend more than 3 seconds waiting. When choosing images, videos, and other media, keep speed in mind.

●     Right Visuals

Attractive visuals will pique your visitors’ interest and improve the conversion rates. On average, consumers spend 88% more time on websites with videos! Unique professional images are more attractive than stock photos.

●     Smooth Navigation

Let customers find what they need easily, even on smaller screens. Redirect them to the homepage from any section. Make sure there are no broken links or other errors.

4.   Website SEO

Your website will not sell itself, as 75% of people never scroll beyond the first page of Google search results. To rank higher, you need to integrate relevant keywords, build a strong link profile, optimize URLs, provide high-quality content, and more. A professional web development firm will build your site with SEO in mind and suggest strategies for subsequent growth.