Types of Digital CCTV Cameras And Their Functions

Surveillance is of utmost importance in today’s day and age. Be it at home, your office, or just your backyard, you would want to constantly check these places to know what is happening and understand if something fishy is going on.

And for this, CCTV cameras are the best solution. A digital CCTV camera will help you track your surroundings without any hassle.

Here are the different kinds of CCTV Cameras.

Dark Fighter Technology Cameras

These cameras are specially designed to record everything that goes on in the dark. These can effectively track movements in shallow light conditions. In addition, these cameras are equipped with scan sensors, which help capture high-quality images even from shallow light scenarios.

Major Features – High definition footage, has a wide variety of usage, equipped with intelligent features like audio and detection of the face.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition or License plate Cameras

The cctv direct cameras are used mostly in lodging and parking lots, places with high entry and exit of vehicles. As the name suggests, these cameras track and furnish the owners’ information about car plates.

Major features – Stores information, identified programmed information to block and restrict cars, helps in effective management of a business.

Internal and External Dome Shaped Camera

These CCTV cameras are top-rated, and you have seen one. These help in indoor and outdoor surveillance. The specialty about these cameras is that due to the outer covering of the camera, no one can understand which way the cameras are facing. This induces uncertainty in any trespasser.

Major features – Infrared Vision integrated for nighttime security, ease of installation, and Vandal resistant characteristics.

Bullet Camera

These are long and cylinder-shaped cameras that are made for outdoor use. These are popular because of their robust built features that make them perfectly well suited for external use. In addition, they are easy to mount and have variable focal lengths.

Major features – Infrared Night Vision, high-quality image resolution, and a compact side that aids easy installation.

C-Mount Camera

These cameras come with lenses that can be detached, and the lens can be changed to fit and aid usability in several scenarios. They can cover distances beyond 40 ft. This is especially helpful in monitoring places with a long stretch of land as the compound or entrance.

Major features – Can be used both indoors and outdoors, a bulky size that makes it difficult to be recognized as a CCTV camera, can be upgraded.

Day and Night Camera

These cctv direct cameras are made to work both in well-lit and poorly lit conditions to give owners complete authority of controlling and monitoring anything that goes in and around their areas of concern. These help capture high resolution and detailed footage due to their extra special and sensitive shooting chips and sensors.

Major Features – Helps record both in color and monochrome, a wide range of sizes, and has the infrared capability.

Discreet CCTV

These are CCTV cameras that are made to fit any environment and can be masked or hidden so that they cannot be noticed. These are slightly more expensive and have a narrower field of view but can be placed to monitor the most susceptible places of theft.

Major featuresLow chances of being damaged, can be propped up or mounted quickly, can be easily disguised to make them less noticeable.


While there is a wide gamut of CCTV cameras available, you need to select wisely based on the funds available and usability and areas of concern to give you worry-free monitoring and suitability.