Trends transforming UK gambling

Online Betting

In the United Kingdom, gambling has always been part of everyday life. Just like going to the pub for a pint with friends.

Weekends are spent at the bookies, races, and football pitches, as the UK stays at the forefront of sports, a competitive market where betting thrives.

Whilst the history of gambling in the United Kingdom stems from horse racing, the Brit gambler has morphed through time. With the English Premier League, Wimbledon, and Royal Ascot, the changes sweeping the UK gambling scene are many, with the gambler enjoying some of the biggest technological transformations of our time. Whilst a couple of years ago, you needed to physically be present in person at the bookies to place a bet on your beloved Liverpool, nowadays that can be done online at UK sports betting sites not on Gamstop. Forget playing with real money, as e-wallets are the real deal now, and with many more trends coming into force to enrich an already lucrative gambling market.

Mobile Betting and Live Sports Betting

Mobile phones are our sidekicks, and we go nowhere without them. We wait at the dentist to play Solitaire only, and when our favourite sports team or event is on, we sneak in a cheeky bet in between.

Betting mobile applications have become the must-have, the facility you need to operate sports betting or an online casino site. The flexibility of having betting at your fingertips on a 24/7 basis is imperative nowadays, as you navigate your way through betting at various sports markets available worldwide. Today you could be betting on the Lakers, and tomorrow you could be betting on your favourite horse at the Aintree Grand National. And, you have the flexibility of executing such diverse bets from anywhere in the world. You could be at a public library, work, or commuting to work; mobile betting applications give you the jumpstart to bet anywhere you are, on any given sports market/ event you desire.

Most UK gamblers have their go-to sports betting applications on their mobile phone. And, why not? Apps offer the facility of setting anytime you want, whilst also having the possibility of snagging cool bonuses.

The wait for Virtual Reality Gambling

With Playstation and Occulus giving us a taste of what it is like when VR and gaming join up, the next step is gambling VR. Many gaming tradeshows have been hinting at upcoming VR casinos and sports betting sites, and here we are, visiting UK sports betting sites and waiting eagerly for VR games launches.

Imagine playing esports VR and finding yourself in virtual events’ chaos and fun. Picture being VR at a live casino table, where you can engage with other players whilst giving them a poker face.

VR will dominate the gambling scene and transform the UK gambler fully. You can never get enough of a VR experience. Combining Virtual Reality with gambling is a wise move that will enhance the UK scene.

The shift from credit cards to cryptocurrencies

A ban on credit cards for gambling purposes was expected in the UK, and when the UKGC went ahead with the proposal, it was no surprise to anyone. The UK gambler had envisaged such bans coming into force, and hence many prepared alternative payment methods to support their sports betting and gambling.

Many opt for the traditional e-wallet, but many online e-wallets carry hefty fees to process your gaming deposits and withdrawals. Cryptocurrencies and their power send waves through the gambling community, good waves, to be precise.

Using cryptocurrencies, you are 100% protected in terms of financials and identity since the payment methods offer various other protective layers of firewalls. Something that other payment methods, especially credit cards, lack. Many online gambling sites started offering crypto as a payment method and will provide you with hefty bonuses should you opt to have Bitcoins deposits/withdrawals. Your best bet to find such sites would be visiting betting review sites and sourcing “Bitcoin online casinos”.

Combatting problematic Gambling

Whilst many manage their gambling wisely, others are not so lucky and stumble upon gambling addictions along the way. In recent years, the United Kingdom has embarked on a crusade to combat problematic gambling. With the UKGC, Gamstop, and Gamban uniting, pressure the UK government to apply gambling reforms. The UK is on a tight mission, from banking credit cards in gambling to banning gambling firms promoting football clubs.

The UKGC also highlighted that half a million minors in the United Kingdom, aged 11-16, have access to gambling platforms; hence rigid gambling laws are being proposed. Protecting children from gambling has always been at the UK Government’s forefront; thus, tighters laws are expected, where online gambling sites would need to abide by tight verification rules. Sites that allow or promote gambling to minors are expected to face hefty fines, with the potential of license cancellations.

The future of UK Gamblin

With so much in store and unleashed upon us during ICE 2022, the UK’s gambling scene is due to a much-needed revamp. With rules and regulations that might come into force, remember that these are all based on real statistics derived from the market, and reforms are needed to safeguard the player and gambler at all times.

Gambling sites come and go, and the newcomers and the ones to stay operational compete in a very shark-tank-like market. With so many people enjoying gambling, a site would need to step up its game to engage and retain players. This only means one thing, competition, bonuses, offers, VIP programs, and benefits that will make you register to one gambling site as opposed to another.

One thing is for sure dear reader, if you want to bet in a lucrative UK gambling market, the opportunities are many, the benefits overflow, and gambling at a UKGC registered site, will protect your player rights at all times.

The future of UK gambling and its upcoming changes are promising.