Top things to consider when writing your academic essay


Academic writing is a unique form of communication which has different requirements, rules, and expectations.

There are conventions which must be followed, and failing to adhere to these can seriously affect your grade.

From footnotes to comma placement, references to spacing, here are the top things you should remember when producing a piece of academic writing, and these can help you to create your best custom writing piece in no time!


Language for an academic essay needs to be formal, concise, and appropriate. It is a good idea to read a few academic journals and articles before you start working to help you get a better idea of what is and isn’t appropriate, and to help you find your academic voice.


In an academic piece, every word needs to count and needs to play its part in developing and expanding your argument. You will have a restrictive word count, so now is not the time to show off flowery descriptions or include lengthy paragraphs.

Brevity is the order of the day—do not waste ten words making a point you can explain in four, and make sure each sentence helps to contribute something to the overall piece. There should be no fluff or filler content.


Referencing and footnotes are a considerable part of academic writing, and getting them wrong can cost you valuable points. The first step is to find out the style your subject uses—this will usually be Chicago, Harvard, or APA.

Each of these will require a different format for footnotes and referencing, an this includes requiring different information such as author, date, and page number, and placing commas and quote marks in a specific place.

The style will also determine whether you use an in-text citation or a footnote, and each will require a unique bibliographic style. Getting to grips with these requirements is a huge part of academic writing, and it is imperative that you are familiar with what is expected of you, and proofread thoroughly.


Depending on your level, it is crucial that your topic is something which allows you to show off your knowledge and understanding of the subject and, where appropriate, offer your thoughts and opinions. At a higher level, you will also be expected and required to prove how your research affects the broader range of scholarship and current academic thought on the topic, so choose carefully and make sure you are prepared to defend it to the death if required!

Spelling And Grammar

Proofreading is a vital part of any writing, but particularly in an academic piece. Your spelling, grammar, and word usage should be impeccable throughout, and the work should be clear and easy to read with a coherent structure and argument.


Make sure you check any formatting requirements before submission; you may be required to use a specific font, spacing, or size. Formatting errors can cost easy points, so always make sure you double check!