Top-5 gambling addicted sportsmen of modern history

Michael Jordan

Some famous athletes are well-known gambling addicts. Such people are characterized by an increased sense of excitement and the desire to become a winner at any cost.

Therefore, their stories related to gambling are the most incredible. Let’s study them in detail.

 John Daly

This golfer loves gambling a lot. He is known for losing more than $1.5 million in 5 hours of slot games. Daily played at the highest stakes, but luck never smiled at him. In the entire history of his gambling, John Daly has lost about $50 million. But he is not upset, since his main source of income is golf. At the same time, John does not share info on his winnings, which should not be very small.

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Michael Jordan

The most famous basketball player has many awards and titles in his collection. However, he doesn’t only professionally play basketball, but also poker. The athlete loves to spend hours playing this game, which has become a source of adrenaline for him.

Jordan played whenever possible. For example, in 1992 he had an important basketball game at championships, and at night he sat down at the poker table with his friends. The athlete himself admits his addiction, but he claims that there is no threat to the well-being of his family.

Charles Barkley

The basketball player is a well-known gambler. He has a passion for a variety of gambling entertainment, but he is not always lucky. For the entire time of his gambling story, Barkley lost about 10 million dollars and 2.5 million of them in just 6 hours. Charles Barkley also bet on sweepstakes. One day he won at blackjack and bet all the money he received on a tote. This bet earned him 700 thousand dollars.

Wayne Rooney

The Manchester United striker has been addicted to gambling since his youth. He plays cards, roulette and makes only maximum bets. As Rooney himself says, he can afford it. Once an athlete lost 65 thousand pounds in just 2 hours of playing in a casino. He also regularly places bets in bookmaker clubs and wins.

Tiger Woods

The “King of Golf” Tiger Woods is known not only for his sport achievements but also for his impressive addiction to gambling, in particular to poker and blackjack. It is known that Tiger spends at least 25 thousand dollars at a time. However, emptying his wallet is not a problem for a golfer.

In Conclusion

Obviously, gambling addiction is a very bad habit, whoever you are. In this regard, many casinos support a concept of responsible gambling, that saves the families and nerves of the players. Take your time to study it in detail and make your gambling experience enjoyable and fun.