Top 10 benefits of plastic welding

Plastic Welding

When you’re working as an engineer or a designer, you might wonder what kind of joining options it the best one for the product you plan to make.

There are all sorts of options ranging from adhesives to mechanical fasteners, snap fits, and plastic welding. The latter has several advantages that you may not yet be aware of.

  1. No Need for Additional Consumables – When you choose plastic welding on a plastic product, there’s no need to invest in extra consumable items. You don’t have to worry about purchasing fasteners, solvents, or glues, which each can add complication and risk to the joining process.
  2. Can Be Used on Any Joint Shape – While you might think that plastic welding is only appropriate for flat plane welds, that simply is not the case. Modern technology has made it possible to utilise plastic welding for more complex shapes. That means you can weld curved or irregular parts together with ease.
  3. Works with Nearly All Thermoplastic Polymers – Nearly all thermoplastics can be welded with plastic welding, which means the technique is highly versatile. It also offers an exceptional choice when welding two different types of materials together to create a seamless join.
  4. No Need for Ventilation – Many forms of plastic welding can be done without creating fumes, especially when using vibration-based welding. That means you can use welding machines on the line without needing extra infrastructure for ventilation.
  5. Cost-Effective Option – This is a cost-effective method of welding for many reasons. You don’t have to buy extra solvents, the energy output is lower, and it has a low cycle time. All this combined means that you can enjoy great productivity at a lower cost per unit.
  6. Highly Versatile Welding Choice – Plastic welding can be used on tiny objects as well as items that are unwieldy and large. With so many options, you can assume what you want to be made can be done with ease by a company that is experienced with welding. It also means high-volume orders can be done efficiently.
  7. Ideal for Mass Production – Plastic welding tools can integrate with automated assembly and production lines, which makes them a great choice for mass production. When you combine that with cheap running costs and low purchase prices, you get an option that works well for lots of welding.
  8. Lighter than Using Mechanical Fasteners – If you are looking to keep down the weight of a product, plastic welding is superior to using metal fasteners. While fasteners can be used in some situations, they add heft to the product being made. When weight is a priority, welding with plastic is the best option to ensure things aren’t too heavy.
  9. The Weld is Permanent – If you want a permanent weld, plastic welding is a reasonable choice for your needs. There are many reasons you might want to choose a permanent weld, but one is cited more often than others. When a permanent weld is placed, that means nobody can get into the internal components to tamper with them.
  10. Fast and Clean Process – Plastic welding can be done much quicker than other methods, which allows you to create more products in a shorter period. That isn’t the only reason many prefer this method of welding. It’s also a clean process that uses little to no weld flash. This makes it safer for those who are doing the job.

Now that you know the benefits of plastic welding, make sure you get yours done by experts. A company that works to be eco-friendly is a good choice that can save you money and time.