Tips on how to write great articles


Dozens of students are intimidated by a mere thought of writing articles, essays, and other written assignments.

Article writing, however, is a process that requires high expertise, especially with regards to competence in a wide range of topics required for writers. So, it would make sense to know everything about proper ways on how to write a good article, especially when it comes to students’ works.

Although we’re confident in saying that content writing is a multifaceted discipline, the overall process might be simplified by following our tips. As far as you’re concerned, there are plenty of ways to develop considerable writing skills. Read on to get acquainted with the best ways on how to write great essays easily and amusingly for your readers.

Laziness at its best

For some, this notion might be an overwhelming suggestion in terms of content writing, but most people are lazy when it comes to reading web content. As revealed by individuals who often buy article on specific platforms, the decision to buy article is justified for making them readable and convinсing. Because of that, your online article pieces should be appealing for people who are fond of skimming through your text instead of actually reading it. What might be implemented to make your unique written pieces specifically for those lazy readers? The possible techniques include but are not limited to:

  • Using short paragraphs instead of the long ones
  • Skipping unnecessary wordings and constructions
  • Avoiding jargon
  • Skipping passive tenses
  • Shortening your text as much as possible

With regard to laziness, you should always count on your article writing in order to maximize the readability of your texts. And who would want to read an article with unknown terms, difficult constructions, and scientific style?

Consider Web scanning

Although we wholeheartedly believe that each word counts in great articles, don’t forget about the basics of web scanning. This specific tool might assist your online content and allow it to become more useful and catchy for your target audiences.

What should you consider in terms of web scanning? The most useful suggestions pertain to making your headings communicative, image captions value-adding, and subheadings meaningful. Web scanning, at its genuine form, reveals how to write a good article that is absolutely suitable for reading it on the Web. Another viable suggestion is that you should make your essays scannable in terms of main points and crucial argumentation lines.

Since most readers read nearly 10 per cent of the displayed content, you should guide your readers throughout the web page. Basically, don’t forget to ensure that your articles are responsible for the so-called “buying” your audience when it comes to being catchy.

Familiar wording

If you’re writing your articles in English, you are probably thinking over countless synonyms and ways on how to talk about the same thing variously. In order to make your article appealing to your final readers, you should be aware of the ways how might you contact the audience familiarly. Although this tip is somewhat complicated, you shouldn’t forget about designing your essays in order for them to become relatable.

Once the readers of your website or column understand each specific word and reference, be sure that you have succeeded. Even though some categories of professionals in article writing try to make their articles sound fancy or even scientific, your web visitors are looking for familiar words. The next time you’re asking yourself how to write a good article, just be sure to fill your online written pieces with familiar words and relatable constructions.


As a matter of fact, essay writers often neglect thorough research prior to writing. As a result, their written pieces are waterish, unconvincing, and inferior in terms of arguments. So, the most proper solution to crafting superb articles is researching a topic thoroughly.

Regardless of the subject matter, you’re writing about, you should provide reasonable facts and arguments that would support your points of view. It doesn’t really matter what exactly research you would conduct, either a first-hand observation or even an online literary review, all your articles should include reasonable data that is backed up with solid evidence.

Although this tip might seem a bit blatant, you shouldn’t disregard the research in order to transform your written pieces into subjective free writing narratives. Just like professional article writers, you are required to dedicate some time to research your subject matter thoroughly. Keeping this in mind, we often emphasize the importance of research in writing per se.

Offer actionable advice

Alright, let’s imagine a situation where your online article is written decently, without any errors or misconceptions, but it offers no value to your readers. Expectedly, your articles wouldn’t be useful for your readers in any way.

Only because of that, you are absolutely required to let your reader discover something new or innovative in your unique article. It isn’t a big of a surprise that individuals are buying sample papers from professional article rewriters in order to identify how to offer actionable advice. Since the Internet is already filled with countless articles that offer no value, your pieces should fix it by representing value in each consecutive word.

When it comes to pieces of advice themselves, your subjective essays should reveal your personal perception of the issue clearly and explicitly. So, try thinking about it the next time you’d be obsessed with writing great articles!

Final remarks

The aforementioned pieces of advice on how to write a good article might be useful for those willing to enhance their writing skills. Even though these tips pertain to specific written recommendations, you should stick to them in your writing process. Kindly remember that super articles are catchy, informative, and backed-up with credible facts.

When it comes to superb articles, you should stick to the predetermined plan and hence, polish your writing by using our recommendations. Don’t forget about double-checking whether your compliance with our rules is absolute. The harder you try, the better the results in writing you would accomplish in the long-term perspective.

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