Tips for choosing business storage in Wiltshire

Over the past couple of years, Wiltshire has attracted front page attention around the world due to the Novichok attacks that took place in 2018.

It’s not a county that regularly draws the attention of the world’s press, but it has been building an impressive reputation as one of the UK’s 5 best places to do business.

Bounded by Swindon to the north, and Salisbury to the south, Wiltshire occupies an enviable location in the south west. Whether you’re commuting to London, travelling from Heathrow, linking up with clients in Bristol, or visiting offices in Cardiff the transport connections are great. There’s currently 38,000 businesses that have chosen to locate in this beautiful county. Between them they generate a sizeable £18 billion.

Demand for Business Storage in Wiltshire is High

It comes as no surprise, therefore, that demand for business storage in Wiltshire is growing in excess of the national average. Whether it’s companies moving office, corporate headquarters undergoing refurbishment, or start ups using storage as a cost-effective stock room, Wiltshire businesses are finding creative ways to take advantage of local storage solutions.

As demand grows, so do the storage facilities. With so many now to choose from, how can businesses be sure that they’re choosing the right solution for their requirements? We’ve put together 5 checks we recommend businesses carry out before making their decision:

Is the Location Local?

Whatever your reason for needing business storage, local facilities make sense. Ideally, you should be able to access your storage container quickly and simply throughout business hours. It’s a good idea to check out any storage facilities you’re considering before making your decision. Is there a well-maintained car park? Is there bright lighting for winter afternoons? Does it feel secure?

Get a Generously Sized Container

Your storage container isn’t a box, it’s a room full of things you’re likely to want to access quickly and easily. Don’t be tempted to skimp on space and make do with a tightly packed storage unit. You’ll only waste time taking everything out in order to try and find something that will inevitably be lurking at the bottom.

What’s the Security Like?

Don’t take anyone’s word when it comes to security; check out the facility first hand. You’ll want to know that entry to the site is secured by access control, that 24 hour CCTV is installed throughout, and that access to all containers is ‘client-only’. You should be offered a unique password, or key code to access your unit, and feel assured that security really is a priority across the site.

Environmental Controls

Professional storage management includes environmental monitoring and high standards of cleanliness, fire protection and pest control. You’ll know from a visit to a storage facility whether it feels well maintained. There should also be policies covering each of the environmental standards. Get this wrong and you could find that your goods gradually deteriorate because of the storage conditions. 

Professional Staff?

You’re looking for professionals to take care of your goods. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions, and if you don’t get satisfactory answers, you know to look elsewhere. Most important, you need to feel that these people would ‘go the extra mile’ should there be a problem. If they seem disengaged, uninterested, or abrupt you probably shouldn’t trust your business storage with them.

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