Things you need to know about translation services

There are lots of ways in which you can express your thoughts. However, it is always best to express your feelings in different languages to reach a global audience.

Well, it does not mean you need to learn these languages, as you can hire a translation service.

What is Translation Service?

Well, translation service is what helps you get information into different languages. You may need these services when you want to translate a book in your language. Or you need to translate your piece of content into another language so that you can reach more audience. There are various ways to use these services. You can use software to do so, but it is always better to hire someone for the translation. You do not need to spend a lot of money as there are affordable services available.

Types of Translation Services

If you want to hire a freelancer, there are lots of platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr etc. Fiverr is one the best bet for finding someone professional translator. When it comes to translation services, there are several situations in which you need these services. There are the following categories:


Well, most of the people like to read books. But what if a book, you want to read it in another language. There are lots of great books that are available in another language. Well, there are lots of people that you can on these freelancing platforms to do so.


What if you want to learn a new language? Then you need to hire a translator. You will get a chance to learn the language by working with someone who is a native speaker. There are lots of people out there who provide these services.

Marketing Content

If you want to expand your business globally, such as in Canada. Then, you must know that majority of people there also speak Spanish. Well, you can increase your sales by translating your marketing content in Spanish.


A legal document in any language is very technical. So, translating them with the use of the software is not recommended. It is better to hire a translation service who knows the law and able to translate into your language.

Reasons You Should Choose Professional Translation Service

The reasons why you need professional translation services are as follows:

No Errors

There are lots of examples of poor-translation on various websites. Recently, I have checked a tourism website which was poorly translated in the Spanish language. These kinds of errors can severely impact the look of your business. Maybe the website owner has used google translator, which is not a good idea. Google struggles so hard when it comes to words that have multiple meaning. So, be careful as these kinds of errors can make your brand look bad.


Hiring a professional translation service is the best way to work with a trained linguist. These kinds of people know how to translate a post, document etc. accurately. Furthermore, they know the multiple meanings of a word and now how to correctly put them in place according to the context. These kinds of things google translate cannot handle. Professional can do the work faster as compared to others.

Expert in Your Industry

Find a specialist who is an expert in your industry. These professional translators work in a limited number of areas. They must know about your industry. After all, you cannot go to a dentist, if you have pain in your head. Such is the case while finding a translation service for your business. A professional translator specializes in a single industry to provide high-quality service.

Help You Get Results

Most of the times, you need a translator for marketing purposes. Marketing means, you want to communicate with people and Google Translator is not a good option for this. That is why; a professional translation service is what you need to convey your message to the customer. An expert knows how to do the marketing translation and will help you get qualified leads. Furthermore, they know how important is SEO for your business.

Professional Networks

All the professional translators know other people in their field. Some of them work in agencies, and some have a network of professional translators. So, they can call them when they need their help. It also means that if someone is not able to do the work, he or she can recommend an expert in the field. They also offer other services such as proofreading.

On-Time Delivery

An experienced professional knows how much time the job is going to take. Hence, they can provide you with an estimate of the delivery. On the other hand, if you choose to work with a newbie, it is going to take longer. The reason is that they do not have enough experience and will take more for questions and queries.

Terms and Conditions

Professional translate service providers have their terms and conditions. These conditions include all the delivery, text type, payment terms, confidentiality, transportation, etc. They also mention their TOS with the quotation for you to review.


One of the issues that every business face is transparency. That is why; they provide quotations for the review, which includes all the essential details like project type and name, price, delivery date, length, and delivery format. It is up to the customer to accept it and the terms and conditions. It is the best thing as everyone will be happy. Furthermore, it helps in avoiding any misunderstanding between both parties.


Sometimes, the documents you want to translate are susceptible to your business. Hence, using software for translation is not a good idea. By using Google translator, you are permitting the google to host, use or store your work.

On the other hand, a professional translation service has a code of conduct. Hence, you can feel comfortable as it will keep your information confidential.

Benefits of Having A Translation Service for Your Business

Most of the business is operating these days globally. That is why; it is crucial to have a translation service to operate overseas such as Pangea Global. The main aim is to improve communication to make more sales. Furthermore, it helps the company to run its operations smoothly across the borders. That is why; global companies are using these services for their day to day operations.

So, let’s understand its importance and how it can benefit your business.

Benefits of Having Translation Services

The credibility of The Business

Having the help of a translation service can help boost your credibility in the area. It is the best way to maintain the message and branding of your business. Furthermore, these services allow you to expand your business in the global marketplace and provides you with an edge over your competitors.

It not only helps you target the local market but also helps in strengthening the image of your brand. So, you need a translator to translate your message in a foreign language. That way, people can easily understand the content of your business in their preferred language.

Possibilities of Expansion

Well, it is an excellent way to tap into the global market as you have a professional to translate your message in the local language. For example; you are running a successful business in your country, and now you want to expand it in other countries. There is no better way to do this in their preferred language.


Language is the big hurdle for a business to work across international borders. It is essential to have a professional translator for the success of your business. A single miscommunication can result in substantial financial losses. That is why; every company who wants to operate in a new country must opt-in for translation service to ensure communication. Furthermore, it helps in understanding the language and culture of the people. Moreover, it impacts the buying decision of a potential client.

Help Improve Conversion Rate

If you have an online store, then it is better to translate it in the native language. So, everyone can understand the content of your website. Furthermore, the visitor will spend more time on your website and most probably will convert into a buyer. So, in short, it can help increase the revenue of the business.

Online Presence

Translate the online profile of your business in the native language. So, people can read and understand more about your brand or business. It will result in getting more visitors and more sales. Furthermore, the visitor will feel at home while browsing your website. Hence, it is the first step for expanding your business abroad.

Go Global

The demand for translation service is so high, and the spend on these services is expected to reach $45 billion in 2020. The number of enterprises entering into the global market is increasing each year. Hence, these companies need to communicate with local customers.

Having a translation service is the only way to reach these markets. However, the culture of the business can vary according to the country.