The wedding day prep: What happens behind the curtains?

Waiting too eagerly for the biggest day of your life? The excitement grows on and on, ain’t it?

Everyone waits for this beautiful day, but what people don’t realise is what leads to that amazing day. The decor, venue, food, emotions, invites and the list goes on & on. What about such factors?

Being the bride is not an easy task, both mentally and emotionally. Although it is the bride’s most important day, the maid-of-honour has quite a lot her plate as well. She has one too many responsibilities, like being the emotional support of the bride-to-be, helping her out with the wedding dress and food selection, looking for her dream venue & decor and lastly, throwing her the perfect single life send-off party.

Read on to know what goes on behind the curtains of a wedding day:

Venue and decor

You and your bestie might be planning for the wedding since you were in pre-school, but in reality, the tasks take up more efforts than you can imagine. Your dream wedding venue might not be available for the right date or might be a little too expensive for your comfortable budget. Similarly, there are too many decor options, and it also depends on the venue. So, the first task is to finalise the venue and then accordingly, look for suitable decor options.

Wedding dress

Do you not want to look like an angel on your wedding day? Of course, you do! Don’t purchase the dress right away. Look for many options before you set your eyes on the One to make sure you look phenomenal on your big day, and all eyes are set on you when you walk the aisle.


This is the most tedious task of all because not only do you have to finalise the guests you want to invite, but also check the invitations that you will be sending and the seating arrangement on the wedding day. Your sister might not be comfortable in sitting with the cousins from London or with her in-laws; so give enough time to make sure the right person is sitting on a particular table. This will prevent cold wars and all sorts of nuisance on your day.

Hen party

Expecting a mind-blowing hen party from your bestie is your right! Period! This task does not solely depend on you, but you have to be a significant part of making the final decision because there are uncountable hen do ideas to choose from, and you have to make sure you get everything that what you want from your single life farewell party. What about the hen do destinations? Yes, think hard about it. Your adieu to your single life should be legendary!

Click! Click! Click!

You surely want loads of memories of your wedding day. Booking a photographer isn’t everything that you can do about it. In addition to that, finding the right professional is critical too. All you can do is to go through the options that you have as per your budget, check their work thoroughly, talk to their previous clients or read the testimonials, and then accordingly, book ‘em. Make sure they treasure all your emotions in the right way!

Behind The Curtains

No matter how beautiful the day is, the tasks can be tiring. You may lose control over your emotions because of the workload, so make sure you have your support at all times. Stay in touch with your friends and family to shed off some of the workload because a good show is only possible when you have an excellent backstage team.