The Top Ten Pet Care Facilities in London: a Nicelocal Ranking

Based on approximate calculations, Londoners have at least eight million cats, over five million dogs, and over three million birds.

The British capital alone is home to about a thousand pet care facilities that provide a wide range of services, from training and walking to post-op rehabilitation, so choosing the best company based on the ratio of cost/quality/service can be quite difficult.

To put together our ranking, we used the recommendation service Nicelocal. The platform’s database contains information on over three million different businesses in Great Britain alone, and their ranking depends exclusively on user ratings. Is Nicelocal legit? You bet! You can use it to search via thematic categories and have all relevant businesses displayed on a map. Establishments with high user ratings appear on the map first, as do those that are near your current location.

Another advantage of Nicelocal is that each business’s card contains all the information you need about its services, hours of operation, and contact information. You can also find photos of businesses and read real clients’ opinions about them.

So let’s take a look at the top ten pet care facilities in London based on Nicelocal reviews.


This company boasts true five-star service, and its employees treat their clients’ pets like their own. Pawpairs offers the following services:

  • puppy training and daycare
  • watching cats and other small pets, including walks
  • dog grooming

They also offer a pet taxi service.

The fact that they gave a rating of 4.9 and almost a hundred positive reviews speaks volumes.

Amey’s Dog Services

This company’s primary specialization is dog training. Its team includes professional dog trainers who can not only train dogs to obey certain commands, but also explain the reasons for aggressive pet behavior to clients and provide recommendations on pet care and upkeep.

Based on clients’ Nicelocal reviews of Amey’s Dog Services, pets usually show positive results after just three or four training sessions.

The Pet Manny

This business provides 24/7 dog walking services.

But that isn’t all the company has to offer, which is why Nicelocal users have given it a rating of 4.9. It also offers the following services:

  • dog-sitting
  • pet boarding
  • pet nanny certification. The company is a registered member of NARPS (the National Association of Registered Pet Sitters), so its employees have access to a 24/7 veterinary hotline.

Each service has a set rate, most of which are hourly.

Bird-Dog Grooming Ltd

This company provides professional dog grooming services. They will wash, brush, blow-dry, and cut your pet in a style appropriate for its breed.

Their full spectrum of grooming includes ear cleaning, nail trimming, pad care, and, finally, deodorization. So it’s no wonder this establishment has a high rating and lots of dog owners as regular customers.

Medivet Catford

This company confidently takes first place among mobile veterinary services. All its clients have left exclusively positive reviews on Nicelocal. They mention its high-quality service, fast reactions to calls, and professional, attentive staff.

The service’s employees don’t just help pets in an emergency, they also consult on training, care, and independent medical aid. Medivet Catford also vaccinates pets and performs MRIs, X-rays, ultrasound, and other procedures.

Blythwood Vets

This is an excellent veterinary clinic that is ready to help any pet. It has four branches in different parts of London. Here is a list of their core services:

  • ultrasound surgery
  • comprehensive diagnostics
  • vaccination
  • dentistry
  • chipping
  • consultation on dog and cat training/care

In the comments, Nicelocal users mention how caring the staff is when treating animals, as well as their high level of professionalism.

Master Dog LTD

If you want to find the right breed of dog for you before picking out a puppy, you should contact Master Dog LTD. This company’s team of specialists helps customers choose and train puppies.

You have the option of leaving your pet at a ten-day training camp where even the youngest puppy can be made well-trained and manageable. Their “intuitive” approach to dog training is frequently mentioned in Nicelocal reviews. Clients say they often see real results in just a few days.

The company has a rating of 4.9 on Nicelocal, as well as over 150 positive comments. This means that you can trust this business with your pet and be confident you’ll get excellent results.

Cats Protection – Mitcham Homing Centre

This is one of the best cat rescues in London. If you want to save an animal and take it home, Mitcham Homing Centre is where you need to go. The staff there will help you choose a kitten or full-grown cat and tell you how to care for it.

Their comprehensive medical check guarantees that your new pet is perfectly healthy and has received all necessary medical care.

Tender Paws Vets

This veterinary clinic provides not only a full range of services when it comes to treating and rehabilitating pets, but also funeral arrangements.

The clinic also offers dietary consultation. Its specialists can give you recommendations on feeding your pet based on its age, breed, and overall health. The clinic also has its own pharmacy with a full selection of the medications, vitamins, and shampoos for your pet.


This pet care service has a rating of 5.0. Most of its clients are dog and cat owners who are preparing their pets for pet shows or just want them to always look flawless.

Their services include classical dog and cat cuts, as well as shaving and removing fur in hygiene zones. They can also trim your pet’s nails.

Users praise this establishments’ employees for their refined pet care, individualized approach, politeness, and attentiveness.

In summary, we’d like to reiterate that Nicelocal’s ratings are based exclusively on reviews by real clients. They are compiled and updated automatically, which ensures that users can always get objective, reliable information about establishments that interest them.