The market of Facebook accounts for sale


How to Buy Facebook Accounts in Bulk in 2020 and why this Market is getting bigger

Not so many people today are aware that their facebook accounts are in fact assets. Speaking about your FB account as an asset implies that it has demand, price and supply.

Imagine the social media accounts market is as complicated as the alcohol market. Why? Well, facebook accounts have higher prices if they are old. An old facebook account or as professionals say, an aged facebook account reminds a bottle of whiskey. The older the account, the higher price. Surprised about that? Some accounts on facebook may cost 300 USD and even 1,000 USD per item. A fine bottle of whiskey you may say. Welcome to the market of facebook accounts for sale.

Who Buys Facebook and Why They Need Them

First off, there is nothing weird about the social media accounts becoming assets. Facebook itself is a social network with a 2B audience across the globe who buys and sells goods and services for millions and millions of dollars. Of Course, an account on Facebook has become a valuable item that helps you get access to the advertising tools and reach the target audience. There are plenty reasons why people and companies may buy facebook accounts:

  1. Advertising and Marketing companies. This group specializes in advertising on Facebook and reaching as many users as possible. The bigger your reach the more sign ups and sales you drive. But these professionals usually face one big obstacle. Facebook has limitations, restrictions and tends to ban unsafe or unrelated advertisers. Thus, these companies are in a big need of dozens or even hundreds of facebook accounts. They run advertising campaigns on multiple accounts simultaneously and buy new ones as the previous get limitations or bans.
  2. Developers and IT companies. They need accounts to build their software, scripts and tools that would operate on Facebook. Often it may be the following:
  • Parsing tools. Software that hunts for any kind of data and stores it somewhere;
  • Botnets. Those huge farms of accounts that perform some script usually focusing on comments, likes, following, etc;
  • Spam software. Nothing new here, just scripts that spams facebook users with some messages, usually commercial texts.
  1. Social media accounts traders and retailers. Imagine, there are individuals or even companies that make business by reselling accounts with margin. They run website stores and sell the accounts that they bought anywhere else.
  2. Anonymous and social media bullers. It is not so easy to stay anonymous in 2020, especially on social media. But the fake accounts will help you with this. You buy a fake account with fake data and personality and now you may continue surfing Facebook under a mask. But there is also a big problem of bullying. Some individuals may purchase accounts just to hide their personality while mocking other people or brands.

The best place to buy Facebook Accounts

If you have decided to purchase an account then you should be advised that you are entering the Wild West. There are no regulations, monopolies or even best prices. This market is filled with unreliable sellers across the globe who are eager to make a quick profit most of the time. In 9 out of 10 cases there is not customer care at all and the only payment method you may find is Bitcoin. Risky? Hell yeah!

But still there are a few places that you may consider as reliable and trusted. These are marketplaces with online support, stable prices and various payment methods and refund policies. This is what makes them outstanding. So if you want to buy facebook accounts in bulk then very likely you should stick with these brands:

  • Accfarm;
  • Playerup;
  • Fbaccs.

Take time to read all instructions, use proxies, user-agents and other required data. In most cases support teams will help you with resolving a problem.

Is it even Legal to Purchase Accounts on Facebook

Quick answer is yes. Legal is everything that is not illegal. Thus if you buy facebook accounts then you do not violate any law today. But you definitely violate Facebook policy and terms. This may eventually lead you to a banhammer or other actions that will limit or suspend the accounts.