The importance of having a Seedbox and why you need one In 2019

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There are many ways to download information and media from the Internet in 2019, from streaming services to downloading from the cloud.

Torrenting data, though, is still one of the most used methods for downloading files onto your machine. The issue is that recently, Internet service providers have begun increasing restrictions on finding and using BitTorrent clients. There are valid reasons for this move. Privacy is a real threat when torrenting data as it’s relatively simple to access the information of seeders that have downloaded a file.

With your IP address, you can be tracked down and are at risk of further data breaches. There are also other limitations to downloading files using your local server, including the significant amount of bandwidth that can be used for downloading and seeding files.

To solve these issues, Seedboxes are commonly used now. Seedboxes are dedicated remote servers based in the cloud that have been set up specifically for torrenting files, and if you’re a regular user of torrents, then having a dedicated seedbox is definitely a good idea.

Increasing your download speeds

With Seedbox, you’re able to sign up and use the service provider’s remote servers rather than their local servers to maximize the speed of downloads. The best versions have a bandwidth of up to 1 GB per second and can handle up to 3 TB of information. If you’re downloading big high-quality files, this extra bandwidth will maximize how quickly you can get your files onto your PC.

Hiding your data

Moving onto privacy, these downloads can then not be easily traced back to the user as Seedboxes use VPNs to hide your location. The combination results in an IP that can’t be tracked back any further than the server of the Seedbox and no geographic data being shared. You also get other benefits from the VPNs that Seedboxes use. VPNs hide your geographic data, meaning you may be able to access websites and files that have been blocked by your Internet service provider or government.

Managing your ISP

If you’re on an Internet data plan with capped limits on how much data you can download per month, then Seedboxes are a great option. All the data being transferred goes through the server of the Seedbox rather than through your local data. This means you can download a huge amount of data without having your data being cut off or limited.

Affordable depending on your needs

There are two kinds of Seedboxes – shared and dedicated. Shared Seedboxes allow multiple people to pay a fraction of the price, but will also require that they share the bandwidth of the server. This may mean slower download speeds than that of a dedicated Seedbox. Shared Seedboxes can start at only $10, meaning they are very affordable. Dedicated Seedboxes mean you can access the full bandwidth of the server, but at a cost. The necessity of this depends on your personal needs, so be sure to look around for the best option for you.