The importance of digitization in billing programs

Billing programs have been the tip of the spear in terms of digitization in the management of companies and self-employed.

Digital transformation is a much richer process that goes beyond how businesses manage their billing or the use of certain online tools.

And it is true: digitization involves a total transformation of the way of organizing and structuring a business as well as creating and offering certain services and products. But let’s go first in parts. And for the part that touches us, we will focus on how digitization has changed the way of billing of self-employed and companies.

How billing programs have been digitized

The digitization of billing software does not only consist of making invoices online and having a wide assortment of customizable invoice templates.

The digitization of billing also means much more. Let’s highlight the following features:

Process simplification
Cost reduction.
Maximization of efficiency.

Many other qualities can be discarded, but for the moment we will stay with these. Nothing more relevant than a billing program to exemplify what we mean by automation, simplification, cost reduction and greater efficiency.

We summarize it publicly with the phrase “create invoices in less than a minute”. Yes, it sounds very publicity and it really is (is that bad?), But that does not mean that the program really is not like that.

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Scanning samples in billing programs

The digitization of business management, which was previously relegated to paper or to intuitive and complex desktop programs (Word, Excel, etc.), has also meant a set of synergies with different digital services. Nowadays it is not uncommon to find a billing program that incorporates integrations with other platforms, tools or digital technologies.

This is the case of online payments or online banking integration, which automates one of the most tedious tasks of accounting: bank reconciliation. Or of the OCR system of character recognition, by which, just by photographing an expense invoice with the mobile phone, the software recognizes the amount, the date of issue and other relevant data.

The digitization of billing and innovation programs: mobile billing

Billing programs have introduced several innovative elements, including one that has changed the way companies bill: mobile apps. A mobile billing app completely changes the way you work: you no longer have to wait until you get to the office or at the end of the month to issue an invoice or make a budget. You can also work on the fly or on site, in front of the client, at the end of the job or while negotiating what has to be negotiated.

The digitization of billing programs and the relationship with customers

Digital billing programs have transformed the way we understand and manage billing. And this also affects the relationship with customers. It is not the same to send an invoice to a client without doing so, offering the convenience of being able to pay it instantly (through an online payment gateway) or of making available a direct communication channel (contact your client).

In short, digital billing facilitates personalized treatment with your customers and better communication, which results in a better service.