The Importance of Becoming a Project Management Professional

Project Management

In the present time most of the organization shifting to the project-based working and in this scenario the importance of project management professionals has greatly increased.

PMP is a professional title presented by PMI (Project Management Institute) and recognized worldwide. For joining a progressive career this certification plays an important role.

What is the PMP?

PMP is a certified project management official who is entitled by PMI and considered well equipped with latest concepts and technologies. According to researchers up to 2027 there will be almost 2.2 million new project-oriented jobs available on early basis. Pmi scheduling professional course linked here are in high demand for trained management officials.

Having PMP certification makes you prominent among your teammates and organization. Even if you are not entitled as project manager but your PMP certification open new doors of progress for you.

Why PMP?

It is very basic and important question and answer is very simple and straightforward. PMP certification gives great values into your career which runs very far. PMP is top ranked management certification as it verifies that the employee has specific skills. This certification can earn almost 25% more than those who do not have this certification.

Purpose of PMP

Every organization whether commercial or government prefer high success rate for their projects. For this purpose, PMP exam certification is very helpful as it improves the skills and knowledge. It is top ranked certification for Project management professionals. PMP certified people are preferred for project management worldwide.

How to Become PMP Certified

The PMP exam is computer-based test and mostly consists of 200 questions or items. These 200 items include 25 pre-released items which do not add to exam score. So, 175 items contribute for exam scoring in Prometric calculation. The users have to choose the best option from multiple options. They receive the exams result immediately as they finished the exam. Proficiency levels in project management procedure are also evaluated by PMI as above target, target, below target and needs improvement. All the results and remarks are provided to the candidate in a score report. This pass certificate can earn more repute and salary for you.

Sequence of actions

For getting PMP certification you have to follow the following steps:

  • Apply to take PMP exam
  • Confirm your project management experience and fulfil other requirements.
  • Submit the prescribed fee
  • Get prepared for exam, you can get relevant material from different platforms such as SPOTO which offers you the most updated and close to the Cisco certification material.
  • Take PMP exam
  • Get certificate and maintain it by continuous learning and developing the professional skills.

Prerequisite for PMP

Getting PMP certification is not so hard and if you have project management experience, half way you have done. Applying for PMP certification requires the following:

  • Four-year degree
  • Project management education of 35 hours duration or CAMP certification
  • Leading projects for three years


  • An Associate degree or high school diploma
  • Five years leading projects
  • CAMP certification or project management education or training of 35 hours duration.

After getting this certification one can earn 25% more than those not having this training.

Maintaining of Certification

Getting PMP certified is not all in all, you have to maintain this certification. For this purpose, you have to complete sixty professional development units in a period of three years. It may include writing articles on project management, research about the latest trends, delivering lectures on related topics or entirely indulge in project management activities.

For making a good career in the field of project management PMP certification plays a significant role. The certified people are preferred in hiring and also offered high payouts as compared to the no certified people. So, if you are willing to join career as project management team, get PMP certified.