The how & what of guest blogging


Guest posts, or guest blogging as some refer to it, is the art and science of posting on someone else’s website for the purpose of increasing traffic to their site and improving their rankings on Google.

Blogging vs Guest Blogging

Most people are fuzzy on the difference between regular blogging and guest blogging. While it might seem a little confusing at first, it’s really not. To understand the major differences, here is a little infographic that puts the differences in pictorial form for ease of understanding.

Blogging is where you have an idea, you write it and edit it and polish it, then you post it on your own website. Your followers read it, a few of them might forward it to their friends and that’s about it. Over time, if your blog posts are interesting enough, you’ll slowly but surely gain followers. The emphasis here is slowly.

Guest blogging starts out the same. You have an idea, you write it and edit it and polish it, then you contact a blogger who is in the same niche you are and ask if you can post it on their website. Now you get a link back from their site (you need to include the link before posting it) plus the post reaches their followers in addition to yours.

You’ve instantly got twice as many people reading your blogs posts as before. If they forward it to their friends that’s twice as many forwarding efforts as before.

In return for letting you post your blog, the other site gets new content that they didn’t have to write. Some will charge a nominal fee for you to post on their site so they get a little cash in their pocket too. Everyone wins.

Blogging as Business

Home-based entrepreneurs can make money from blogging on their favorite subjects if they’re willing to follow a few simple rules. The more links there are back to your site from guest blogging, the higher your site will rank on Google and the more you’ll be able to make on Google ads that run there.

Guest blogging and posting isn’t just for the mom and pop crowd any more though. It has turned into big business in recent years. Consider this large, and growing, list of sites that accept guest posts, then multiply it by all the forwarding and social media posting that results from it and you’ll see why.

SEO Optimization

A lot of the success of guest blogging revolves around SEO Optimization. Give the way the internet works, even small local businesses can implement SEO, it’s not only for the boys. Anyone can take advantage of it.

But what if you’re a business owner without enough time to blog or write about the wonderful products you carry or how great your services are? What then? Is guest blogging an advertising avenue you’ll have to miss out on because you’re too busy?

Not a chance.

Hire a Guest Blogging Service

Guest blogging services, such as, can do your guest blogging for you. They can write the post for you, put in the links back to your website. In fact, they can take care of all the links and “Google stuff” that needs to be addressed. You just pick how many posts you want to be ghostwritten for you each month (they have a menu of options to choose from) and how many links, then sit back and let them do all the work.

They’ll have one of their staff writers create the content and find all the right links to use in it. Once it’s finished you can proofread it to make sure it meets your criteria. After that, it gets posted on the guest site and that’s it. It’s about as simple as it can be.

And, of course, you have to pay them. They’re kind of picky about that. Aren’t you?

The Results

Once the post is posted on the guest site, people you normally wouldn’t be able to reach will be reading a blog post that looks like it was written by you. It will contain a link back to your site to the page of your choice. If you’ve got a holiday special on left-handed widgets, the link will take readers straight to the page where they’re listed.

You’ll also gain from the familiar practice of people forwarding the article to their friends and family, or posting it on their social media pages, or all of the above, much to your delight.