The HireMan introduces ToolTrak

In a world where technology is constantly evolving to meet customer demand, Tool Hire business The HireMan releases its new, innovative tracking system ‘ToolTrak’ to the construction industry.

As technology evolves we as consumers have continually raised our expectations on delivery times and customer service standards meaning that companies are constantly battling to out-do the other. However, whereas there’s been many technological advances in varying industries, one which has been a little stagnant in the technology sphere is the construction and tools industry.

This has all changed recently with the introduction of ToolTrak from the HireMan.

What is ToolTrak?

ToolTrak is real-time driver tracking software that allows all of its customers to see precisely where their equipment on delivery is, how long it’ll be with accurate ETA’s and all other information required – and best of all – there’s no charges for this service from the HireMan.

How ToolTrak works

Once a customer places an order on the HireMan website– the moment the driver leaves the depot with the ordered goods, customers are notified immediately – this is when ToolTrak kicks in with its real-time monitoring.

Firstly, you’ll receive a text with an ETA and a link that when clicked will open up a map with real-time tracking – so you can see exactly where you’re delivery driver is.

From here, you will be continually updated to ensure that at all times you’re kept abreast of your delivery – no more frustrating AWOL drivers – and that, in my opinion – is invaluable.

The Benefits of ToolTrak

From doing some research on the companies website, it appears the primary benefits are:

  • Quick turnaround – Knowing exactly where your driver is for delivery or collection so that you can prepare the equipment / site accordingly
  • Nominated site contacts – probably (in my opinion) one of the greatest features of ToolTrak is being able to nominate site contacts in which the notifications go to. When ordering from ToolTrak you can appoint project managers, site managers and various other roles so that notifications are sent to the right people
  • ToolTrak allows drivers to plan their route more effectively reducing wait times – because well, no one wants to wait around for their items!
  • No mobile signal? No problem. ToolTrak, even under extremely low reception levels, can still get notifications sent to the right people. So even when your mobile reception is lagging, ToolTrak boasts uninterrupted delivery of notifications
  • It’s free! Okay, so us Brits love this! You don’t have to pay for this service as it comes included with every order placed through the HireMans website.

Personally, looking at the construction (and working in the construction industry recently) they were in dire need of technology like this. Construction projects can quickly turn into logistical nightmares if there’s a breakdown in communication.

I really think that ToolTrak will help to solve these issues that create headaches on a daily basis and believe that it’ll in turn increase efficiency of many companies scattered across the London area.

By Jamie McKaye