The budget iPhone release, the consumer therapy cure for corona


With the current wave of new phones constantly on the rise, consumers would feel the impulse to own the latest devices with advanced tech features.

This has led to more phones being released into the environment and old phones discarded in landfills, thereby having a huge impact on the environment. On the other hand, some people compare and recycle smartphones using a mobile phone recycling company, which helps regulate the number of phones being discarded yearly and also conserves the environment.

However, in light of the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus, there has been a decline in the sales of smartphones. Shipments fell and some companies were unable to manufacture phones due to the pandemic, which affected top phone companies, including Apple. While this might be positive news for the environment because fewer phones are released, it also greatly affects companies and consumers.

As these companies try to get their feet back amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple launched a budget-conscious iPhone SE at $399. When you compare this price to their latest models released in the last couple of years, the difference in the budget is quite clear, which makes people wonder if it was released in order to gain more sales.

How Corona Virus Has Affected Apple Sales

The New York Times reported in February how coronavirus has had a huge impact on the global economy and how Apple became one of the first companies to reveal a drop in sales due to the pandemic. It also led to a drop in their shares over the last few months, which contributed to the release of the budget-conscious iPhone to appeal to consumers in order to make sales.

Some industry experts have shared their thoughts on how this move from Apple might not necessarily impact their finances but will be helpful in the longterm revenue of their services.

Will People Buy It?

As much as Apple is trying to save their revenue, people are also struggling with keeping their jobs and making profit during this period. This raises the question of whether or not there would be more sales of the new iPhone model despite the reduced price. The answer to this is not quite certain, as most Apple stores are shut around the world, which makes the pressure on deliveries higher.

All things being equal, this is a phone that would naturally attract a lot of buyers if the coronavirus pandemic never happened. With that factor in place, there will likely be sales to help Apple back on its feet a little, before things get back to normal.


Although no one saw a pandemic happening in 2020, most companies have tried to restrategize to accommodate the new normal, which is what Apple is doing with the new iPhone release. Customers looking to have the latest iPhone but at a cheaper rate would likely purchase this new model.

Ben Wood, an analyst at the firm CCS Insight, puts it this way: “When it was planning this product, Apple couldn’t have known it would land in a market in complete turmoil as a result of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Although the new iPhone SE was undoubtedly designed to take the fight to Android rivals, it now also offers a more affordable iPhone at a time when many consumers will find it hard to justify spending $1,000 or more on one of Apple’s flagship devices.”